Bamberg's Main Street to open tomorrow

While some detail work needs to be completed, those of you who travel through Bamberg will have your Main Street back tomorrow, and everyone I've talked to is looking forward to it (no surprise there). It'll reopen tomorrow with a big parade and we'll be there. If you come, we'll see you there ... if you don't, we'll bring you some pics of the occasion.

The patience of the community with our work has been greatly appreciated. While most only noticed Main Street closed, there was a lot of other work that had to take place in conjunction with the main project: a series of intersections had to be realigned and widened for safer turning (especially US 78 where trucks could not make turns onto Main Street) and a two mile storm drainage ditch needed to be constructed, which will help with flooding issues for the entire south side of the Bamberg community.

As usual, what you see isn't all of what you get with construction projects, especially highway ones. But the end result of all you see, and don't see, will be major progress for a community that has been overlooked for years. That's what counts, and that's what we're glad to bring you.

For a bit of nostalgia, here's a picture of Main Street just before our work started.

5 Response to "Bamberg's Main Street to open tomorrow"

  1. Anonymous 26/10/07 10:41
    Hope you've got good weather. Who's the caterer bringing the BBQ?
  2. Earl Capps 26/10/07 11:04
    We're not doing that kind of event this time. The town wanted to do this in conjunction with their fall festival and parade, so we made sure the our calendars for our work and their event coincided.

    But if you come, do bring some along with you. I'm never too good to mooch off someone else.
  3. drama mamma 26/10/07 13:44
    we'll see you there, paternity suits and all that fun stuff.
  4. small town moye 27/10/07 15:11
    another small town hoping for a brighter tomorrow our country is full of them with no end in sight
  5. west_rhino 28/10/07 22:53
    moye, everyone of them wants to become that shining city on the hill. Who says that the Gipper's spirit and vision is dead?

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