Blogland Weekend: Off to Bamberg

U.S. Group personnel pulled aside the barrels and opened up Main Street for a parade that was well over a mile long, and the Blogland was there for the occasion.

The kids had a good time watching the parade and scooping up the candy that was being thrown out from the 90-plus parade floats and vehicles. That is after they were done laying down in the street.

Once the ribbon was cut and the parade continued rolling up Main Street, the road was closed back off to allow the community to enjoy a street festival. Once some minor patching work is completed Monday, the road will be opened permanently to traffic. Once minor detail work is completed in the coming weeks, the entire project will be done.

An interesting moment of historical irony was found in the picture we took of Representative Bakari Sellers riding in the back of a Bentley at the parade, being driven by John Sanders. His father, Cleveland Sellers, was the only protestor jailed after the Orangeburg Massacre, accused of "inciting a riot", and grew up in a time when the role and ethnicity of the politician and driver in such a car would have been quite opposite.

It's certainly a comforting sign that the progress that Seller's father helped to bring is finally happening.

Sanders stuck around, but Sellers had another engagement to attend. We'd really hoped to meet the guy, but maybe another time.

For the rest of the weekend, it's kids and studying ... fun, fun, fun. But whereever you're at and whatever you're doing, be sure to have a great weekend ... and check out these pictures from the ribbon-cutting:

6 Response to "Blogland Weekend: Off to Bamberg"

  1. back at lake marion moye 27/10/07 22:20
    Nice photos
  2. Anonymous 28/10/07 19:36
    Earl, We understand it only opened for the day for the parade, etc.

    When will it be open for traffic?

    And, what's the latest on the Memorial?? Any news?
  3. Earl Capps 28/10/07 20:03
    We've started putting out feelers for donations for the poles. Each of the eight poles will run $300-400 each, so we're waiting to see what will be provided.

    That's a lot of money, sure, but the value of material and labor that are being donated by those involved with the memorial project are worth far more.

    We closed it again as soon as the last float went through. The first beneficiaries of that were the people who got to use the entire street for the festival, not to mention the kids who scooped up the candy that had been thrown out from parade floats.

    There had been some spots in the roadway that were cut out and needed patching, but with the rain that came in last week, it wasn't possible to pave.

    If weather holds, tomorrow the patching should be completed, as well as paving on US 78. Once the patching is done, look for it to be opened permanently. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon.
  4. Anonymous 29/10/07 10:15
    Only two protesters laying down on the asphalt? Someone should have called code pink and act up...
  5. At Sea 31/10/07 19:07
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  6. Earl Capps 9/11/07 10:00
    whoa - that was something else. all i can say is "Some things need more bacon fat to taste good"

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