Challenging Republicans?

Recently, some of my readers have contacted me, asking me to tone down my criticisms of fellow Republicans, concerned that I am helping Democrats by hurting the party's image.

As the ones who have contacted me are good and decent people, who presented their concerns in a respectful and thoughtful manner, I see no reason to name them or criticize them, here in the Blogland or elsewhere. In fact, I appreciate their candor, their willingness to speak up, and their believing that I would give them a fair audience to address their concerns.

However, I must disagree with their calls for silence. When Republicans go bad, we in the party have a responsibility to speak up and challenge them. These rogues often play a sort-of bluff, hoping that we will eventually back down for the "good of the party", while they act with no regard for the same.

In looking back at the loss of the GOP's congressional majorities, much of it can be placed on the arrogance of the likes of former Speaker Dennis Hastert, former Senators Allen and Burns, and others who bulled forward with little challenge. They took their powers and priviledges for granted and in the end, squandered the work of hundreds of thousands of GOP activists and contributors.

In the face of Hastert brushing his dozen or so rotten apples under the rug, and the arrogant and insulting public commentary of Allen and Burns, many in the GOP remained silent. Not to mention the silence of the GOP grassroots at the skyrocketing federal budgets. As a consequence, they defined the GOP as a party that had turned rotten and spendthrift, devoid of principle.

We allowed them to get away with this, and in the end, we got what we deserved - thrown out of power.

Here in South Carolina, we're confronted with the reality of a Republican political majority which increases spending by over 40% in three years and party hacks abuse their positions of power. The differences between these home-state Republican idiots and Hastert and Company in Washington are few.

It's not just Beltram's threats and lies or bloated spending either. The Berkeley County GOP, after rejecting an audit following accusations of embezzlement and check-bouncing, is facing state Ethics charges ... two constitutional officers nailed by the feds ... you get the picture.

This is looking more and more like the days of corrupt and incompetent Democratic rule which made anti-establishment types like myself into Republicans. But somehow we're expected to just shut up and let this happen?

To them, I have no choice but to say: "Hell No!"

A simple rule of media and public relations holds that when you fail to define yourself, others will do it in your stead. Either Republicans will stand up to turn their party back to its core beliefs in limited and ethical government, fiscal restraint, and greater individual opportunity, or someone else will be glad to recast our image as amoral, power-hungry hypocrites - using the words and deeds of our state GOP's rotten apples to do so.

The 2006 elections should have taught us the voters will not tolerate incomptence, corruption, and arrogance for long. Either we can clean up things up on our own, or the voters will do it for us.

When Beltram and others bluff here at home, hoping nobody will question their actions to "protect the party's image", you can count on the Blogland to call their bluff. We'd rather people see a party where some are principled and outspoken than one where none are.

... so what do YOU think? Speak up and be heard.

14 Response to "Challenging Republicans?"

  1. Parking Lot Sniper 21/10/07 17:42
    You will be sorry you put this posting up. Just wait and see.
  2. Anonymous 21/10/07 22:41
    dude, you seem pissed
  3. Anonymous 21/10/07 23:59
    I am sure that Sniper has reason to be concerned. Either he is a RINO or under indictment, or both?
  4. west_rhino 22/10/07 10:16
    Earl, we can, as you infer, act on the improprieties or bahave as ol' bubba Dems have and cover it up or celebrate them as part of a perveristy of diveristy, that excused Bill Clinton's transgressions in his Senate trial, in direct violation of the oaths of office of all who voted on party lines to acquit.

    Republicans have done the honrable thing and resign. Agnew, Nixon, T-Rav, Newt, et al set a standard that some at the grassroots level may find hard to stand up and follow.

    As with criticism that was levelled at Henry McMaster during his charimanship of the state party, the post isn't for life, though assuming that it is does lead to the arrogance you mention and does more to discredit the GOP than any actions of a gadfly.

    Earl, I know that you're fair enough to also herald the steps to rectify the situations, regretably you've had little to commend there, rather the continued flow that suggests, as was so well posted elsewhere, "Methinks the Beltram doth protest too much".
  5. Greeleyville moye 22/10/07 15:01
    hell yes
  6. Carl Spackler 22/10/07 22:29
    The problem with being the majority party is that you attract all the scoundrels. Goes with the territory.
  7. Oil Tanker 22/10/07 23:08

    We love west_rhino's comment:

    "Republicans have done the honrable thing and resign."

    We pass on the spelleng and grammer lessons that screams for and render apologies to Little Richard: "Good Golly Miss Molly!"

    We counter with a remark our old friend and neighbor, Samuel, made a "few" days ago. Some things don't change over a hundred plus years:

    "When the doctrine of allegiance to party can utterly up-end a man’s moral constitution and make a temporary fool of him besides, what excuse are you going to offer for preaching it, teaching it, extending it, perpetuating it? Shall you say, the best good of the country demands allegiance to party? Shall you also say it demands that a man kick his truth and his conscience into the gutter, and become a mouthing lunatic, besides?"

    Thoughts? Comments?

  8. west_rhino 23/10/07 08:59
    oil tanker, Samuel's remarks charachterize the gauliters that decline to resign and demand to cop a lesser plea if they must to maintain what control they have.

    To cite one example, I can look back at Dick Gephardt and real estate dealings that were more damning than those Spiro Agnew resigned over. For another, Tom DeLay of Texas resigned over less of an ethics issue than either ex-President or Senator Clinton egotiscitally have refused to step down over.

    Politically, we have one side that is enganged in political warfare and another that insists on using the Marquis of Queenbury rules for a fair fight with a few that behave like the partisan leaders of the South during the American Revolution, some times to thier detriment.
  9. williamsburg county moye 23/10/07 12:49
    we do need craig to get out of the senate and yes we republicans do seem to resign quicker than the opposition
  10. Anonymous 23/10/07 21:56
    Rhino, you refer to the Dems as the bubbas, what the heck do you call Bush and his good 'ole boy idiot friends???
  11. Oil Tanker 23/10/07 23:39

    west_rhino seems to too close to "Gentleman Jack" to be able to spell correctly, and the other replies seem to be from those who either don't read or don't think.

    Hard to tell which.

    So, we will repeat the quote from our old friend and neighbor in hopes it will prompt an intelligent reply from someone:

    "When the doctrine of allegiance to party can utterly up-end a man’s moral constitution and make a temporary fool of him besides, what excuse are you going to offer for preaching it, teaching it, extending it, perpetuating it? Shall you say, the best good of the country demands allegiance to party? Shall you also say it demands that a man kick his truth and his conscience into the gutter, and become a mouthing lunatic, besides?"

    Earl, thoughts???
  12. west_rhino 24/10/07 09:18
    anon 2156, re-read the original text. I'll conduct the lesson on logic later if need be and Earl indulges.
  13. Oil Tanker 24/10/07 18:16
    Oil Tanker doesn't re-read text full of speling nad gramar errars.

    If you can't spell rite your logic is just likely confused as.

    Get more rest, drink a lot more water and get some help if your spelling and grammar do not improve.
  14. gratutiously anonymous 25/10/07 13:02
    oil tanker/anon, I'll leave your arguments as the gratuitous assertions they are and you'll have to accept their refutation as gratuitously.

    Never assume I'm universally tagging all Dems as "ol' bubba Dems", for one, the "ol' bubba Dems"/yella dogs got no place for most of the issues of the left that occupy the Dem National Coven's platform. They cling to their party 'cause "the party of Lincoln" freed the slaves AND forced desegregation, starting in Arkansas, under Eisenhower.

    OT, I'd recommend a high colonic and more fibre for ya.

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