Dave Sells and I'm Buying - Megadeth ROCKS Myrtle Beach

Tonight's Megadeth show, without a doubt, one of the best hard-rockin', head-bangin' shows to come to the House of Blues in a long time. The best show I've been to there since the WASP/LA Guns/Stephen Pearcy show.

The band hit several songs from "United Abominiations", their new (and one of their best) album, as well as wide range of stuff from across their career.

The best-received songs in the show were "Peace Sells", "Trust", "Symphony of Destruction", and "A Tout Le Monde". However, there wasn't a bad song in their entire set. Dave was in great shape, and the rest of the band played tight right along with him. All together, at least a dozen songs, so their part of the set lasted a good hour and a half, which is longer than you'll get from a lot of headliner bands.

The Confession, the opening band, wasn't bad at all, but In This Moment sucked. They're one of those new metal bands whose female lead singer was growling most of the lyrics, and when banging her head with the band, holding her chest to avoid a Janet Jackson-esque "wardrobe malfunction" moment.

You could see a lot of the audience, especially the older ones, were disinterested, if not outright bored with In This Moment - and I was one of them. But the performance of Dave Mustaine and the band was well worth the wait. I'd have put up with about anyone, including Britney Spears, if enduring such crap meant Megadeth would be my reward.

If they're coming to your town, or even anywhere near, quit making excuses about why you can't go and DON'T MISS THIS SHOW!!! It's the metal show of the year, without a doubt.

2 Response to "Dave Sells and I'm Buying - Megadeth ROCKS Myrtle Beach"

  1. PJ from Cincinnati 8/10/07 15:39
    I was at the Megadeth show, it was great! I'm so glad I took the time to go. And you are right about In This Moment. Torture! Everyone should definitely check out Megadeth, you will not be sorry I promise!
  2. Anonymous 8/10/07 17:40
    You're so right about the first two bands, especially the chick who was trying to hold her boobs half the time.


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