First ROCKtober prize winner

Since our intial posting inviting people to sign up for our ROCKtober prize giveaways didn't generate responses, we decided to give one to the first person to correctly "Name that Nazi", who was featured in our recent "Adolf of the Upstate" posting, as Rick Beltram, the current chairman of the Spartanburg County Republican Party.

The winner of ROCKtober Prize Package #2 is Mike Reino of Florence, who also happens to be a big fan of the Blogland.

We've still got two more prize packages to give away this month to our readers, so click on this link for more details, and stay tuned to the Blogland, where we don't just TALK politics - we ROCK politics.

11 Response to "First ROCKtober prize winner"

  1. Ricky Bobby 10/10/07 23:47
    Damn you Reino! I guess second place makes me, the first loser. You beat me by a mere second. Hopefully, on the next race I can get over the fire bit and will not be running half-naked around the race track.

    When I come home, and find Earl laid up with my peroxide blonde wife, in my jacuzzi, I will be all over you like a spider monkey.

    Little "shake and bake" coming your way Frenchy. LOL Seriously, good job!
  2. Earl Capps 10/10/07 23:54
    Bobby, I love my readers so much so that I give them prizes and even try to share some of that love with their wives, what can I say?

    So of course you're gonna find me with her ... she's hot :)

    These days, the married ones come with far less issues than the single ones. As much drama as I've had to wade through the last 2-3 years of singlehood, that's always good thing.

    But I hope you'll take her back after her and I's little thing cools off. I promise to protect your stellar reputation by not telling anyone about her and I.
  3. Mike Reino 11/10/07 01:29
    Thank you, thank you.. Gee, there are so many people to thank. First I want to thank our dear Lord, Sweet Baby Jesus - woo hoo!! For whom all things are possible. Secondly, my wife and kids who don' exist, for having to put up with my non-sensical rantings. My mentor, Earl, for taking a chance on an unknown kid from Flotown. Lastly, I'd like to thank Rick Beltram and Jim Clyburn, for giving us bloggers fodder in these times of famine and want. Now I've got a good reason to buy a CD player, and to learn how to read.

    All I can say is 'I Like You. I REALLY , REALLY LIKE YOU !!!!'
  4. Earl Capps 11/10/07 07:02
    Mike, take it easy on the liking stuff, ok?
  5. Anonymous 11/10/07 10:34
    Mike, keep your blondes straight...
  6. Mike Reino 11/10/07 15:17
    I didn't bleach down there, so the curtains don't match the carpeting....
  7. Ricky Bobby 11/10/07 22:51
    As long as you do not screw up the new grill and Reino does not call those TV decorator dudes, I think I can accept being a loser. At least, I am not alone, and will be releasing a new book, "Britney, Beltram and me" which will be on QVC next month and the subject of a reality TV show.

    Reino and Earl, seriously have nice weekends. And Beltram, and Britney us enquirer minds eagerly await...........
  8. Earl Capps 11/10/07 23:52
    last time i tried to screw the grill, i got burnt and it hurt real bad, so i promise you i won't do it again.

    sorry you feel like you're a loser. so how long have you had these feelings of inferiority?
  9. MSP Airport Moye 12/10/07 11:28
    I know a lady in Clarendon that wants to Rocktober you
  10. ricky bobby 12/10/07 19:41
    Ever since my peroxide blonde wife returned and called me "short bus' as a matter of fact.
  11. not a obama fan moye 13/10/07 23:30
    you never got my email i presume

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