Good morning Kansas

No, Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore ... heck, we've never even been to Kansas in the first place - but we've been told they've got really good BBQ there. However, we do know people who've been there (there's one we know and think she's pretty hot), and others who are there right now.

According to our crack research team, at least one resident of the great State of Kansas will read this post, and we hope they're going to enjoy more quality time with Senator Brownback, seeing as he's decided not to run for President after all (not like he had a snowball's chance in hell in the race ...).

In any event, we're flattered that someone from Kansas is reading (heck, we're flattered that anyone at all would be caught dead reading this stuff). To that reader from Kansas, we'd like to say:


... and ...


How come you didn't bring us anything while you were here?

So as a special tribute to the great state of Kansas, the state that ... uuhhh ... we're not sure what it is or does ... can someone help us out here ... we'd like to share this You Tube piece on the making of Bob Dole's famous Visa Check Card commercial:

9 Response to "Good morning Kansas"

  1. Anonymous 20/10/07 19:14
    earl, you got a girlfriend in kansas now?
  2. west_rhino 22/10/07 11:01
    Its red sauce BBQ, not yella or "East NC" "vinaga an peppah"; done better than a carpetbagger deserves. (At least what I had, in and around KC).
  3. want to be a root doctor moye 22/10/07 15:03
    the bbq is ok nothing to write home about and i had my fair share but again ok
  4. west_rhino 23/10/07 09:51
    moye, the steaks and beef were better than the 'cue, hands down, and they got nothing on D&H, Bessingers, Schoolhouse, Shealey's, Hite's or Hudson's.

    Of course, what a carpetbagger deserves leaves a wide margin, when it comes to better than.
  5. Columbia Harbison Boulevard Moye 23/10/07 21:12
    West_Rhino the best bbq in Williamsburg county is at Coopers store on Hwy 521 just past Salters at the cross roads on the way to the beach leaving Greeleyville about ten miles take a left to Kingstree and a right to Lane straight to Andrews and if you drive in reverse to Greeleyville. Now that said you know where it is. I had some good bbq this weekend from the festival in Kingstree my nephew placed number 10 but it was good but too hot for most people.
  6. Anonymous 23/10/07 21:54
    Y'all need to go to the right places. The que there rocks too!!! The grilling as a whole is the best anywhere. Moye not sure where you ate, but KC bbq is a mixture of all the different kinds of bbq. There is a strong mixture of the red stuff and vingar.
  7. Anonymous 24/10/07 15:31
    i think he's watching his traffic like the time he said howdy to those guys at the nuke plant, trying to get them in trouble with their bosses for reading his site.
  8. Earl Capps 24/10/07 23:59
    Anon 2154, thanks for your comments. I'm not sure how ya found us, but I'm glad you're here ... stick around a while if you'd like.

    We're all about truth here in the Blogland. Not just about politics and rock, but uncovering and shining the light on good 'que is a top priority here.

    If you say that our good friend Moye was steered wrong in his Kansas visits, why don't you offer us some recommendations? After all, one should light a candle and not just curse the darkness.

    Please help us shine some light on the truth of good BBQ, if you don't mind :)
  9. Anonymous 26/10/07 13:49
    is that dedicated to one of your kitties? i knew you were a big-time player, but you've even got 'em in kansas now. wow, i'm really impressed now.

    see you in bamberg.

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