Hanging Rick Beltram with his own words

We'd like to take a little bit of your Tuedsay to hang Rick Beltram with his own words. We're sure he won't mind.

Recently, the Evil Blogger Conspiracy held a closed-doors meeting in our secret lair, deep in a wilderness area of South Carolina ... or maybe it was a mountain ... or a swamp ... or the back of an arcade in a shopping mall ... who knows? It doesn't matter where we met, just that we were secretly conspiring to go after Rick over his allegations that bloggers are evil shadowy characters who make extreme and unsubstatiated allegations, while hiding out of the reach of public contact behind veils of secrecy.

Yep, real shadowy characters ... secret handshake, decoder rings and all.

As one of those bloggers who he could not reach, I got an email from him which complained about how he was being protrayed and naming who some of the affiliations of those who ran the blog sites which he expressed concerns about:

-----Original Message-----
From: rick.beltram@intedge.com [mailto:rick.beltram@intedge.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2007 5:12 PM
To: Earl Capps
Subject: Re: RE: Invitation to 10/15 6PM to Spartanburg

You were not included in the original Press Release.
I was referring to ....Quinn...Starboard....TTS.
However, you jumped at it!

Think about it....a blogger workimg for a firm that gets paid by a Pres. Candidate.....a sure conflict of interest.


Now, this excerpt from the original press release claims the bloggers which are the subject of the media release are anonymous:

Finally, several of these Bloggers do not make known to the Public, contact information for the Editor of these web-sites.

It would stand to reason that if one knows who they're affiliated with, then they should know how to reach them, right?

Rick, please do us a favor: stop treating people like they're stupid with this sort of misleading crap, and we'll stop picking on you.

7 Response to "Hanging Rick Beltram with his own words"

  1. how many stones and feet of rope 16/10/07 09:18
    Well, the good part is that it does not take that much rope. Figure that one out bright boy Beltram. Guranteeed not to be a grammar problem is your first clue.
  2. Anonymous 16/10/07 15:06
    Methinks the Rick doth protest too much.
  3. Council Bluffs Iowa Moye 16/10/07 15:32
    You better lay off this guy or you might be sorry.
  4. Anonymous 16/10/07 18:04
    E, give me a call on my mobile

  5. Anonymous 18/10/07 13:15
    that guy is a loser, and yeah, sheriff wright, he's not cool.
  6. Anonymous 20/10/07 19:17
    can someone outlaw rick beltram?

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