"I'll Huff, and I'll Puff, and I'll ... "

... not do a damn thing.

Yep, the Big Bad Wolf of Spartanburg County, Rick Beltram, is at it again, according to this media release that came across our desk:

SPARTANBURG- The Spartanburg County GOP would like to challenge all South Carolina Political Bloggers to a Pledge of Honesty. Over the past few months, it appears that the Bloggers are all trying to outdo each other with "over the top" statements.

It is certainly fair game to criticize public people and be humorous in the style of presentation. However, personal attacks and the publication of completely false information is not to be tolerated.

Since, most of these Bloggers are known political personalities and work for firms that engage in daily Political Consulting; there needs to be some restraint imposed by the employer. These Bloggers generally aspire to have credible political voices for the present and in the future. As a result, the intent seems to be to teardown pillars of our political world not to make the World better.

Rick Beltram, chairman, states "As a frequent target of attention by these Bloggers; I certainly have no problem with them editorializing on facts. However, many of the statements made in these reports have no basis of validity. Heck, all they have to do is call and ask a couple of questions. My contact information is well known and I am very accesible."

Finally, several of these Bloggers do not make known to the Public, contact information for the Editor of these web-sites. This is just plain bad form! Guys, let us know who you are and how we can contact you.

Thanks Rick! After a long and tiring week, I really needed a good laugh.

My first thought is "what a freakin' Nazi" - believing that "there needs to be some restraint imposed by the employer" over what we write. My second thought was "use spell and grammar check" - as I identified several mispellings and grammatical errors in the media release.

We all know just how anonymous and secretive this blogger is. I talk about my kids, my work, my academic stuff, put my email and phone number on the blog. Heck, we all know how shadowy and secretive the author of a blog named "The Blogland of Earl Capps" can be, right?

By the way, in my effort to hide and avoid Rick's wrath, I was last month's featured speaker at the Palmetto House Republican Women, who meet at ... of all places ... the downtown Spartanburg Mariott. It was well announced, but when it came time for the Republican women to hear from their Republican leader ... they had to settle for me.

As to what I've been saying about Rick ... well, let's take a look at some of these old postings and you can decide for yourselves if "these reports have no basis of validity":

It never fails to amaze us as to what some people come up with when they've got too much time on their hands and nothing better to do. But in South Carolina politics, the absolutely amazing and the totally ridiculous seem to be far too much the norm for our liking. This media release is just another example of this problem.

In closing, here's a video of my favorite version of that classic tale. Only in my version, the three pigs call Rambo, who fixes the Big Bad Wolf's ass once and for all.

Now that's what I call "happily ever after" ...

10 Response to ""I'll Huff, and I'll Puff, and I'll ... ""

  1. Mike Reino 5/10/07 17:49
    Green Jello Rules!! Maybe it was my post from 2 weeks ago on the PC-ness of the term 'Trophy Wife' that irked him. I'm a real hard-to place blogger too. If this was what he was talking about, I'd think aftre 2 wks, he'd have a better stetment than that.

    So, is Rick the Spartanburg GOP Chair , or the Spartanburg GOP?? Just asking..
  2. Santee River Moye 7/10/07 14:37
    But are you really who you say you are. Are you Earl Capps the Earl Capps. Was the last comment really Mike Reino the Mike Reino. Hell who am I. Am I really Moye Graham the real Moye Graham. We were talking about Rick yesterday at the Clemson game me and one of our State wide elected office holders will not reveal his name but you know. I really believe Rick has done a good job getting people to Spartanburg and should be recognized for that. I also believe anybody who had the time and was the Spartanburg Chairman could get people to Spartanburg due to the way it votes and being in the up state. Bring your butt to Clarendon and see who you can get. We have done great here with our local and state wide candidates. It is another thing on the National level. While I am not anti Rick I would probably never support him for the SCGOP Chairman. Maybe he can run for office in the upstate and give someone else the county chair. I do think this was pretty stupid to make a news release out of this. Quit hurting his feelings you phamtom blogger and come out the closet before Rick cries.
  3. Anonymous 7/10/07 14:53
    I think the video was cool, and that Rick dude sucks. He should leave you alone man.
  4. Anonymous 7/10/07 20:42
    Earl, you just a hateful white boy. Maybe you need a statement of honesty from anonymous posters, like we need an asbestos Bible for some officials to be sworn in on and promises by Republicans not to put a foot in their mouths, so that they are, as a Romney spot offers, "punch lines for Leno"
  5. Anonymous 8/10/07 08:26
    Rick Beltram wants to be the next Mr. Chairman of the SCGOP. Folks, we can't let this happen. He has taken one of the strongest Republican counties and turned it into a laughing stock.

    Let's not let him do this to our great state, and our great party.

    He is a joke.
  6. "3 R's" 8/10/07 11:39
    Does anyone remember Colin Powell stating that, he did not get into fights with people that bought ink by the barrels, as his rationale for not running for President? With the advancement of the net and more specifically the blogosphere perhaps Beltram should wisely include those that write in HTML.
  7. Anonymous 8/10/07 17:41
    huffed and puffed? earl, are you picking on larry craig?
  8. west_rhino 9/10/07 10:45
    Huffed and puffed... inferences, drug profiles and tests in mind, has Rick been taking hits with Algore III or am I going down another trail?
  9. Anonymous 10/10/07 08:25
    just don't pull Rick's finger...

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