Massey wins GOP runoff in District 25

Final numbers are in from the GOP runoff in Senate District 25 ...

With 63% of the vote, Shane Massey will be the GOP nominee for the State Senate, going on to face a Democratic state Representative Clyburn from Edgefield County in the upcoming special election.

Shane Massey has worked hard to lead the pack in the primary, and extend a seven point primary lead into a 2-1 runoff rout. That's the kind of work ethic that shows he will make an excellent Senator. Republican Shane Massey will go forward with the full support and endorsement of the Blogland in his upcoming campaign. Please join us in supporting his candidacy.

Those who think this race is like other recent special elections, where GOP nominees were unopposed or won handily, Massey is by no means out of the woods yet. As this seat has been held by a Democrat and has sizable numbers of Democrats residing in the district, we expect it to be a competitive race to the finish. As a current House member who has faced competitve races, Clyburn will not be a pushover, and the Democrats, on the defensive for the first of this series of special elections, won't yield this seat easily.

Unlike the Beaufort and Berkeley Senate special elections, where we (correctly) predicted those races to be over with the nominations of Paul Campbell and Catherine Ceips, you can bet that tonight's run-off was just the beginning of a third red-hot round of campaigning.

In one corner, a surging GOP nominee, and in the other, a veteran Democratic legislator. It's gonna be a hell of a show, and you bet we here at the Blogland will be watching this race and will continue to keep you informed. Stay tuned ...

9 Response to "Massey wins GOP runoff in District 25"

  1. Anonymous 2/10/07 22:38
    I have been waiting for the results of this runoff. Tonights results pose an interesting question, is the shealy magic beginning to wear thin? This is the second race in such a short time where Team Shealy has come up short with well financed candidates.

    Who is running the races that is beating the king of special elections?
  2. Mike Reino 2/10/07 23:00
    Bill Clyburn ?? AARRRGGGHH !!
    Go Massey!
  3. Anonymous 3/10/07 10:29
    Well, one can't blame Paul Addams for faulty implementation of Rod's strategy
  4. Anonymous 3/10/07 10:39
    wait a minute ... didn't he crossover to the democratic party?
  5. Anonymous 3/10/07 13:46
    He.. Addams, Rod, Hixon or Massey?
  6. Anonymous 3/10/07 13:57
    I was suprised that Shealy lost the Berkeley race, but in this race he had a very flawed candidate. You cannot just run a Democrat in a primary and expect to win.
  7. Earl Capps 3/10/07 14:01
    1357 - Rod's candidate rolled big time in the Berkeley race with Senator Campbell.

    Are you referring to the Senate 25 race or the recent Beaufort House race?
  8. Earl Capps 3/10/07 16:19
    To the Paul Adams fan whose comment I did not approve ... this blogsite is not a forum for personal attacks and floating rumors.

    If you've got a grudge against him, please take it elsewhere.
  9. Anonymous 4/10/07 13:52
    And yes, I realize that race was in Beaufort, not Berkeley.

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