Please help us finish a veteran's memorial in Bamberg

On Main Street (U.S. Route 301/601) in Bamberg, about five blocks south of U.S. 78 sits a vacant lot with a rusting flagpole and an over-looked marker paying tribute to the community’s veterans.

Thanks to Lane Anderson, the U.S. Group Project Manager and a demolitions expert in the Navy Reserve, the marker and flagpole will be moved to a new spot at the existing location or to a nearby location on Main Street. Materials and labor are being donated by the Town of Bamberg, U.S. Group, along with several subcontractors involved with the project.

When completed, a small plot will be landscaped, with benches and walking stones, with the memorial plaque incorporated into a larger memorial to the community’s veterans. The roadway is expected to be open well before then, and this has been seen as a sort-of “thank you” present from U.S. Group and the other project partners for the town’s patience and cooperation with the construction project, which resulted in the closure of Main Street since the spring.

It’s Anderson’s goal to finish work on this side project and dedicate this new Veteran’s Memorial on November 11 – Veteran’s Day. But the project won’t be complete without eight aluminum flagpoles: seven for each branch of our nation’s armed forces, as well as National Guard and the eighth pole, a taller one, for the stars and stripes.

We’re looking for anyone who donate them, or donate towards the costs of buying these for this project. If you can help, please email me.

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  1. Anonymous 4/10/07 13:39
    "to a new location nearby location." I'm sure you meant new location nearby or new nearby location. You are probably just so tired that it slipped right by you. As much as you try you can't be perfect all of the time.
  2. The Hills of Bamberg 4/10/07 13:44
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  3. Earl Capps 4/10/07 14:04
    1339 - yes, you're right. it's corrected to read to a new spot at the current location, or to a new location nearby on Main Street.

    either way, we will do our best to preserve this little bit of Bamberg and maybe give it a more value to the town.
  4. Earl Capps 4/10/07 14:06
    Hills of Bamberg - I cannot edit postings. I must either approve or reject the entire message. However, I can copy and paste an edited version of your message, which I will do ...

    If you feel the urge to post this please edit out the names below since they are private citizens who could care less about being mentioned here...


    We sincerely hope this helps. We don't know everyone or everything, but we do know all of the people who do know everything and who have been everywhere. ;)

    If you decide to renovate the monument in Flopeye or Pumpkintown, please give us a call."

    If we're working adjacent to such locations, talk to us about it. Maybe we can work something out?
  5. Anonymous 4/10/07 14:17
    looks like a good cause that deserves help.

    you seldom see a road construction company that does anything more than drag tail and piss everyone off.

    to find a compnay that takes the time to give back to a community, that's a great thing!
  6. Hills of Bamberg 6/10/07 23:20
    Earl, Keep us posted on progress. If you need more contacts who may be able to help, post it. We may be able to get you some other ideas.

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