Rick Beltram and the Short Bus

More bad publicity for Rick from the Spartanburg Herald Journal, in a great story all of you outta check out:

We hear from Beltram a lot. I mean -- a lot. To those who just get his daily e-mails: That's nothing. We are the local paper, but try not to give him a bigger stage than he deserves. My philosophy is we should use him as much as he tries to use us. But when you have someone who sends out e-mails across the state -- and usually gets attacked for them -- as a reporter, you can't just ignore that.

You may have seen today's story about the potential impact the Internet could have on the 2008 presidential race. Tomorrow's story focuses more on the blogosphere.

I was wrapping these stories up Thursday night when -- surprise, surprise -- Beltram called. Eventually, I had to say, "Look, I've got to go. I've got finish my story on the Internet." Immediately, he saw an opportunity, saying that he was the person most often attacked online, and he felt he could contribute something to the story. (I'm writing this part from memory as I deleted the quotes.) "Like what?" I asked, and he goes into his spiel about bloggers needing to be honest, nice, etc. I don't even bother telling him the whole point of blogs is that they are wily, sometimes offensive, slanted and, most importantly, uncontrollable. I thank him, get off the phone, and finish my stories.

... but there is more to the story, in which ultimately closes with "To A Daily Shot: It's not fair to imply that Beltram rides the short bus. I doubt his head would fit on board."

Jason Spencer is a pretty good journalist. Always fair, does what it takes to chase a lead down ... so if he says it, I trust it.

6 Response to "Rick Beltram and the Short Bus"

  1. west_rhino 12/10/07 11:06
    Well, there he goes again. Reading this blog, I get teh feeling that Earl is the most attacked person on the internet.

    Somehow a Toby Keith song comes to mind, "I Wanna Talk About Me."
  2. Earl Capps 12/10/07 12:36
    Nah, I'm not the most-attacked person. It might be Beltram though - a lot of people like picking on him. He sure knows how to draw attention, and a lot of fire, in his direction.

    Rick Beltram week is about wrapped up here in the Blogland. It's been a lot of fun, but I'm sure that Rick will find some other way to show us what an idiot he is soon enough.
  3. Anonymous 12/10/07 20:47
    beltram is a joke. most republican leaders around the state see him for what he is.
  4. williamsburg county moye 13/10/07 14:42
    He may come south and kick your butt earl
  5. Anonymous 14/10/07 19:11
    earl might kick his ass, moye. he's been doing it plenty on his blog.
  6. columbia sc moye 14/10/07 19:43
    earl better be practicing his martial arts. you know he is a black belt.

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