Someone appreciates hard work

This arrived at my office today as a reward for all the hard work someone's been doing as of late from this BBQ place in Kansas City that I've never been to - Jack Stack BBQ. Beef brisket and baked beans and some other stuff, all nicely packed in a foam ice chest with lots of dry ice.

The dry ice has kept it rather well, so I'm sure it'll keep until the weekend, and if nobody else wants it, then my little one and I will just have to eat it ourselves.

4 Response to "Someone appreciates hard work"

  1. Anonymous 24/10/07 15:29
    someone must have the hots for you ... or think the world of your work.
  2. Greeleyville moye 24/10/07 16:36
    Jack Stack is getting pretty famous
  3. Anonymous 24/10/07 21:23
    Jack Stack has been famous for years to those who know the best places in KC. The beans, the onion rings, and the bbq are the bomb. I can't wait for another excuse to visit KC.
  4. Greeleyville moye via lake marion 25/10/07 10:35
    I had Jack Stack before anonymous I was just making a statement. It is good for sure and it is famous especially in the KC area along with several more. It is typical KC BBQ the beans are better than most.

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