Today's warm fuzzy message

This morning we can't think of much to say, but we felt it's always important to start one's day out with positive messages ... uuhhhhh ... who are we kidding? This is the freakin' Blogland we're talking about.

Anyway, we've got a YouTube video from the guys with Ugly Kid Joe with a real positive message, going out to one of our regular readers on what could be considered a special day. To that reader (and others) ... click on the photo ... and we hope you like it ...

6 Response to "Today's warm fuzzy message"

  1. Oil Tanker 23/10/07 23:44
    Sorry, Earl, we don't do You Tube or scripts. Why are you up so late?
  2. Earl Capps 24/10/07 00:02
    Don't sleep too well. Single life sucks and I've never slept well alone.

    But with two divorces to my name, maybe I'm cursed.

    Well, if I can't be loved by one ... at least I've got my kids, and of course the Blogland readers.

    In case you don't know, those Blogland readers, regardless of political affiliation, are the greatest bunch of people I've ever known.

    By the way, thanks for being one of them.
  3. Anonymous 24/10/07 15:29
    that song rocks.

    we hope you get more sleep at night. it might make you a happier person.
  4. Oil Tanker 24/10/07 18:04
    We're proud to read the Blogland.

    We don't believe in curses - except for the curse of the FITS blog. :)

    Earl, remember to eat right, get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of clear, cool, fresh water.

    Never eat yellow snow, and always wear a hat and use sun screen.

    Always know when it's "time to get out'a Dodge," and always know "how to get out'a Dodge."

    Never grab something you can't turn loose of, and never "stand up" when your wife or "significant other" tells you to "shut up."

    Never get into a pissing contest with willfolks or any other skunk.

    And, most of all, keep your blog going. Please.

    Wish we had more time to devote to your Blogland, but there are many fish to fillet and fry.......
  5. Anonymous 24/10/07 21:20
    Love the song!!! It's one of my favorites too. Sure it isn't aimed at one of your nutty exes?
  6. Anonymous 26/10/07 13:48
    i AM one of your crazy ex's. stop picking on me or else.

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