We support Shane Massey for the Senate

Some say it's not possible to shake up politics, to bring new perspectives and new faces - but once in a while, someone comes along to prove those people wrong.

In the last couple of months, we've watched a bold new voice prove that the status quo and the good ol' boys don't always have to win: Republican Shane Massey.

In the Republican run-off, he knocked off the good ol' boy who had managed the previous Senator's re-election campaigns with crushing a two-to-one victory, and now he faces yet another long-time politican in Democratic State Representative Bill Clyburn.

Clyburn has his own good ol' boy connections through his cousin, U.S. Representative Jim Clyburn, and he's been using them all he can to help his candidacy. Democratic Presidential candidates, eager to curry favor with Congressman Clyburn, a high-profile Democrat in the House, have poured people and resources into the district to help defeat Massey. That's good ol' boy politics as usual, and at it's worst.

We think it's high time people stopped getting elected because they cut the right insider deals or had the right relatives.

For Massey, this election is about Senate District 25, not the ambitions of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and he has kept working and reaching out to the people of the Senate district, to make sure their voices are heard in Columbia. He hasn't let the invasion of outsiders slow him down, and we're proud of his continuing committment to win the seat so he can go to the Senate to be a voice for much-needed reforms.

When contrasted against Clyburn, whose record of support needed reforms and restructuring is nil, and who makes no bones about the use of his cousin's political good ol' buddy networks, it's clear the two candidates offer very different visions and directions.

If the voters of District 25 want a hard-working Senator who will be a real reformer, then Republican Shane Massey is their only choice in the upcoming special election.

6 Response to "We support Shane Massey for the Senate"

  1. columbia south carolina moye 28/10/07 21:45
    I just hope someone is watching the counting of the votes in this one.
  2. Anonymous 28/10/07 21:48
    moye, you aren't suggesting the demoncRATS are going to crook this election if they can't bully massey with their national celebrities, are you?
  3. Anonymous 28/10/07 23:04
    I'm reminded, albeit paraphrased from Mr. Stalin, that, "It doesn't matter who votes or how, it does matter who counts the votes."

    Intimidation, GOTV effort as training for the ground troops, new church vans, used only for one day to carry voters to the polls, subsidies to the complicitious churches bein used to provide chicken dinners to voters, poll watchers, voters, van drivers, voters, phone bank workers, voters... opps for all campaigns to curry favour and train the frontline for January and get the kinks out of their phone banks.

    Opportunites abound on both sides, plays for endorsements seem too transparent.
  4. cae airport moye 29/10/07 11:23
    chicken dinners ok watch out you may be in the same boat as tiger woods friend was. you know chicken is racist.
  5. Anonymous 30/10/07 11:04
    I'm still in favor using a mole to finger the bag man with the street money and taking him off the street in a drug bust. That much money is certainly suspicious for DEA and Homeland Security antennae, beyond the blind eye turned by FEC.
  6. Anonymous 1/11/07 07:41
    a pale ass cracker supports another pale ass cracker. what a shock.

    beter watch them polls, something tells me brothers and sisters and jews might be left out or ran away.

    you crackers gonna have cops at the polls?


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