Weekend in the Blogland: Running the roads of the Midlands & Upstate

This weekend was another weekend running the roads with the little one. Today we went to my company's annual Employee Appreciation Day, held at Frankie's Fun Park in Columbia, and then a weaving and winding trip to Spartanburg.

That included a stop at a favorite Newberry landmark, the rocks in front of the Shakespeare plant on US 76, a bit west of town. For years, the college students have been painting and repainting these rocks.

After getting to my mother's house for a surprise visit, only to find she was spending the weekend in Charleston, we hung out, visited with some friends and then went to see Transformers.

I rememebered them as the basis for a somewhat-cheesy cartoon series back in the 80s. With the partnership of Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay ... wwooowwww ... the movie version is one hell of a ride!

Special thanks are owed to my company's President, who has chosen to respond to tough times in the construction industry by working to rally his team, instead of pulling back. His decision to go ahead with the annual event, in spite of a tough business environment, was intended to boost morale when it is needed the most.

Once upon a time, President Franklin Roosevelt once challenged tough times with the counsel of "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself". Stand firm, pull together, and one can pull through. It was good advice then, and it works now.

Thanks, Embree, for a fun Saturday for me, my daughter, my co-workers, and their families, as well as choosing to fight uncertainty with something positive.

Well, after a long long day on the road, going here and there and catching up with friends and co-workers, Bonnie and I will get a good night's sleep up here in Spartanburg and head home in the morning. As Sunday is my big study and research day, I just can't wait to hit those books ...

Be sure to make the most of the rest of the weekend.

4 Response to "Weekend in the Blogland: Running the roads of the Midlands & Upstate"

  1. Anonymous 14/10/07 14:15
    Looks like the two of you had a darn good time. How come it's always just you and her? No special lady to join you and her? It looks like she'd have a great time as well.
  2. Anonymous 14/10/07 19:10
    it looks like she had a good time, but home come we never see any pictures of you?
  3. not a gamecock fan moye 14/10/07 19:41
    In Columbia now at the Hilton have a flight in the morning. Got your email and wanted to say the food at D & H was good yesterday when I finally got home for my less than 24 hour usual weekend visit. How is the color in Spartanburg the leaves in peak ? Did you run into Rick Beltram while up there ?
  4. Earl Capps 14/10/07 19:45
    Moye, the last time I came to Spartanburg, it was to speak to the local Republican women's club. He didn't show. I don't think he would if he knew I was coming ... or maybe he'd try to beat me up. Who knows?

    The leaves are getting ready to start turning, you could tell that. There's about 70 miles of I-26 between Chapin and Reidville Road that is always really beautiful when leaves start turning.

    In a couple of weeks, I'm sure it'll be a great sight to see.

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