Ad Watch: Giuliani TV spots seek to reach beyond 9/11 role

Three Rudy Guiliani for President TV spots avoid any mention or suggestion of 9/11, instead focusing on his past experience with fiscal, crime, managerial and economic issues, both as Mayor of New York City and as U.S. Attorney General for New York.

While being the public official most closely associated with 9/11 has helped Giuliani's candidacy greatly, it also becomes the bright light which has worked to obstruct the view of other issues the campaign has been trying to highlight with voters who are looking for more reasons to support the candidate.

The ads, "Leadership", "Tested" and "Challenges" work to portray the former New York Mayor as a pragmatic, results-oriented leader:

4 Response to "Ad Watch: Giuliani TV spots seek to reach beyond 9/11 role"

  1. vote for hillary 27/11/07 05:59
    Giuliani is a nice guy and everything, but if you want a real candidate with real values, then you want Hillary Clinton. Just trust me.
  2. Anonymous 28/11/07 00:30
    interesting ads. why'd you let that dope-smoking hillary freak post on your blog?
  3. Anonymous 28/11/07 11:35
    i agree. hillary is a loser.
  4. pensacola beach florida moye 28/11/07 17:50
    hillary who said that

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