McCain looks to fall campaign with Health Care reform

If GOP Presidential candidate John McCain was struggling to stay in the race for the GOP nomination, one couldn’t tell that in Wednesday’s blogger-only tele-conference. Confident, focused, and thoughtful, the Arizona senator took on questions from bloggers across the country.

Looking beyond the GOP primary season, McCain worked to define himself clearly on the issue of health care reform with his audience. While the issue of health care rates relatively low with GOP primary voters in polling, it is a top issue among independent and Democratic voters. Being able to appeal to these voters on a key swing issue will be crucial for GOP victory in a fall election where fewer voters identify themselves as Republicans than in recent years, and overall enthusiasm among the GOP voter base remains low.

Fielding questions from bloggers across the country, he contrasted his plan from that of Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic Presidential nomination:

One of the major issues is the difference between my approach and Hillary Clinton’s approach on health care.

These differences were defined as focusing on working to control health care costs and work to rein in those factors he felt were responsible for those increases, as well as make sure that health care costs are affordable so it is able to everyone.

"I believe that we need more choices and access, not more government programs," he said, alleging that government intervention was not the answer. "Are we going to be more and more like France while President Sarkozy is trying to dismantle what has hurt the French economy?"

McCain was concerned about the potential impact of these programs on the size of the federal budget. "When I see all these proposals out there, my question is who pays?", he asked. "We continue to create these things which are basically unfunded liabilities for future generations."

Campaign representative B.J. Boling pointed me to the McCain health care information webpage:

Our special thanks to B.J. Boling with the McCain campaign for the invite.

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  1. houston moye 15/11/07 11:36
    wonder who the woman was that called hilliary a bitch on his live meeting in sc that is being shown all over the news reckon it was a set up by the democrats

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