Citizens for Truth and the Bill Gates Assassination

After years of tying to get behind the cover-ups about about the assassination of Bill Gates, Citizens for Truth brings us the real, unvarnished truth. It's not pretty, but seeing as how we're talking about all sorts of shadowy conspiracies this week, we thought this might be information you'd like to know about.

There's even photos from where they protested at the 2000 Democratic National Convention ... and were well received in the official protest area provided for protest groups.

We know that any group that protests at a Democratic National Convention has to be legitimate, right?

They're certainly doing a better job of finding the truth than OJ is at finding the real killer. No doubt this is a worthwhile cause, so go check them out.

Remember folks, the truth is out there ....

2 Response to "Citizens for Truth and the Bill Gates Assassination"

  1. asphalt man 16/1/08 12:33
    i will
  2. Anonymous 17/1/08 00:19
    Earl, you must be worried and busy trying to distract people from the trash and lies you tried to tell on Anita Floyd. Why else have you tried to change the subject so much and so quickly?

    That's ok, we're gonna remember.

    Watch out in traffic, ok?

    ... and the truth is out there ... about you too. Just stand by ...

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