We support Rudy Giuliani

Elections are about decisions and choices. We’ve considered the candidates out there, and as our long-time readers know, we've had plenty to say about them. In considering our choices at hand, our choice for President is clear.

We're supporting Rudy Giuliani for President.

Many recognize Giuliani’s leadership during the tragedy of 9/11. As Mayor of New York City, there is no public figure that could be more closely associated with that day, but to support him solely upon our recollection of 9/11 would not be enough.

There are many great Americans who have risen to the occasion when crises occur, but a President has to be about more than one historical moment, even one as large as 9/11. Our President must be able to see and think long-term, define the vision necessary to address the challenges that lie ahead, and have the ability to work to make that vision a reality.

Time and time again, Rudy Giuliani has answered the call of duty.

As a federal Attorney in the 1980s, he took on the Mafia. He led an effort that was so intense, only a single vote more by mafia leaders would have resulted in a contract being put upon him. In the end, he won his fight, and the Mafia has never recovered.

As New York’s Mayor through much of the 1990s, Giuliani waged an effort to bring order to a city racked with ethic violence and suffering from major mismanagement and overtaxation. Violent crime plunged, city services improved, taxes were cut and the city’s cumbersome welfare state was scaled back considerably.

While some would say 9/11 was a defining moment for Giuliani, we would argue that he was well-defined long before that day. His record of taking on tough challenges had prepared him well for 9/11.

Time and time again, Rudy has proven he can get things done.

Those who think a Giuliani presidency would have no room for the social conservatives who make up a large part of the GOP base need only look at the numbers of conservative Republican candidates he has backed across the country. When it came to raising millions of dollars, making campaign appearances and starring in mass media advertising, Giuliani did not apply litmus tests.

In fact, of all the candidates running, only McCain and Giuliani campaigned for fellow Republicans on a national scale long before they decided to be candidates. Others only got involved once they began sizing up their Presidential prospects.

Republicans should be confident that Rudy Giuliani will keep his promises not to appoint liberal jurists, nor veto legislation passed by those conservative Republicans in Congress which he has done much to support. He will be a friend to his party’s conservative base.

However, one can expect that a Giuliani presidential agenda will reject the divisive wedge politics of appealing to social conservatives while ignoring the party’s fiscally-conservative base. This is much of what alienated swing voters from the GOP in the 2006 elections and put the Democrats in charge of Congress.

Polling numbers generally point to Giuliani as the Republican candidate who is most electable among crucial swing voters. His record of campaigning for House and Senate candidates suggests that he will be an active partner in GOP efforts to regain lost ground in Congress. Not only can he win, but he can help other Republicans oust Democrats.

Time and time again, Rudy Giuliani has delivered – as a prosecutor, as a Mayor, and as a Republican campaigner. We’re proud to repay what he’s done for his city and his country by supporting him for President.

14 Response to "We support Rudy Giuliani"

  1. Speaker's Mafia 20/12/07 02:43
    You will find out how strong the Speaker's Mafia is when John McCain wins South Carolina and the nomination.

    This thing you have done to us will be noted.

    President McCain. Governor Harrell. Get used to those words.
  2. Anonymous 20/12/07 13:27
    Vice President Sanford... oops, that is a curious tangent to mafia's speaker's faux pas.

    Of course the preisdent pro tempore's grasp is nominally enhanced as a Governor Harrell would discover he no longer selects the whips or runs the house too. A little bit in the same line discovered after teh legislature's honeymoon wiht Sanford.
  3. George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston Moye 20/12/07 18:50
    Not only go Rudy but go go Rudy. He is the man. You are right while 911 did define him to the voters he was already a class act. He cleaned the City up. He truly is a fiscal conservative and a moderate on other issues. I believe he will not appoint the liberal judges and he will have an opportunity to appoint more than one on the Supreme Court. I also believe he will not veto any conservative bills. We should give him a chance. I believe he can beat any Democrat and we certainly need that. That is why I support him. That is why I am on his team.
  4. Mike's America 20/12/07 23:20
    "This thing you have done to us will be noted."

    What the hell is that about?

    What's wrong with you people.

    Brave choice Earl! I've been very disappointed with Rudy's nearly invisible campaign in SC. Perhaps he'll get it together soon, but time is running out.
  5. Earl Capps 21/12/07 00:51
    What can I say? It's so nice to be loved?
  6. Anonymous 21/12/07 12:49
    he is sure a lot better than that jesus freak huckabutt and snake romney.
  7. Speaker's Mafia 22/12/07 07:30
    Silly people, the Speaker will find a way to be both Speaker and Governor. He will be the Leader of South Carolina! He already is. And, when John McCain beats the cross dresser from New York City, you will all realize the power and the righteousness of the Speaker.
  8. Amy P 22/12/07 07:33
    How much money does Rudy have? Does he need someone in his life to teach him how to spend his money? I can help.
  9. Ron Turner 23/12/07 23:10
    I think you're well aware of Rudy's pro abortion, anti 2cd ammendment and pro gay stances on the social issues. HE WILL NOT WIN S.C. When were you added to his payroll?
    Ron Turner, Summerville, SC
  10. Earl Capps 24/12/07 00:07
    Ron, I think my reasons for my endorsement were made pretty clear.

    I know there are other blogs whose endorsements may be questionable, due to overlapping professional relationships, but I've never received a penny from any campaign. If I had, it would have been unethical to offer an endorsement.

    You know me better than most people and know that my opinions are my own and nobody owns me or controls me.

    That's why everyone loves little ol' me. I'm the loose cannon that gets under everyone's skin ... that lovable, adorable ghost in the machine.
  11. Speaker's Mafia 24/12/07 02:10
    Yes, it is clear Earl Capps is a man that can not be bought. That is unfortunate. The Speaker will have to try other means to make Mr. Capps come around.
  12. Anonymous 26/12/07 14:26
    they probably did buy you off, not knowing any better.
  13. Earl Capps 26/12/07 17:50
    Readers, I have it on good authority the one who posted that, claiming to be Mr. Ron Turner of Summerville, was not who he or she presented themselves to do.
  14. Anonymous 28/12/07 18:45
    What type of Kool-Aid is Speaker's Mafia drinking? Earl, can you drug test him?

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