About those new blue SC highway signs

Some may have noticed the new South Carolina route market signs that have started to go up in the last couple of months and wondered what that was all about.

The traditional rectangular black-on-white route marker sign design, which dates back to the 1940s, simply displayed the route number and the initials of the state.

The new sign is entirely in Interstate standard blue, has the words “South Carolina”, a
blue image of the shape of the state with an overlaid white Palmetto Tree and crescent moon across the top. This new design was decided upon by the SCDOT last summer. To save money, plans are to replace the existing old style of signs as they wear out and need to be replaced.

Given that today’s highway signs are made of long-lasting aluminum sheeting with highly-reflective plastic overlays, and have design lives of a decade or more, this transition is gonna take a while. Six months into this ten-year cycle, very few of these signs have needed to be replaced yet, so it's gonna be a while before you see these signs everywhere. Thus far, I've seen them in four or five places around the state - Moncks Corner, Darlington, Irmo, and Marion that I can think of.

Some of these went up when new signs were installed after my company completed work on the widening of Lake Murray Boulevard (S.C. Route 60) in Irmo.

Compared to other states, South Carolina’s route markers were comparatively plain and boring. For comparison, I decided to download samples of the signs of some of our neighboring states.

Florida and Georgia incorporated their state shapes into their signs, North Carolina a diamond, and Virginia used a … falling bullet? Now, this puts South Carolina ahead in the all-important highway sign race.

We knew y'all would be so excited to hear this.

5 Response to "About those new blue SC highway signs"

  1. not an al gore fan or florida gator moye 29/1/08 21:47
    nice colors for sure
  2. Anonymous 31/1/08 21:52
    The new signs are beautiful.
  3. Patrick 29/3/08 14:27
    It's always nice to see South Carolina leading the way...in something.
  4. Rich 22/3/10 14:06
    You serious? The signs are great, but aren't there higher priorities? And they are quickly being replaced in Greenwood County ... without the old ones showing sufficient wear and tear that you described would occur before they got replaced.
  5. Earl Capps 22/3/10 14:07
    Rich, I was told that was the plan for replacement. But I don't run SCDOT.

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