Backstabbing in the Berkeley GOP?

Just when we think it can't get any worse, the legal and ethical quagmire that is the Berkeley County Republican Party just seems to get worse. It seems as if check bouncing, missing funds and state ethics questions weren't enough for the county's GOP leaders. Now, they're attempting to bully the party faithful into silence over it.

As long-time attendees of the Berkeley Republican Breakfast club, we were a little puzzled that Berkeley County Republican Party sent this demand that Charles Schuster, the moderator of the Breakfast Club, step aside from the group that Schuster had run for years:

Berkeley County Republican Party
651 Leevy Drive
Moncks Corner,SC 29461

January 25,2008

Dear Charlie:

I would like to thank You for your service as Co-Host of the Berkeley County Republican Party Breakfast with the late Melvin Mann.

As Chairman of the Berkeley County Republican Party, I will be changing the format concerning the breakfast, hosts and moderators beginning in February. If you already scheduled a speaker for the February meeting, please advise me immediately.

Thank you again for your services and I look forward to your continued participation in the Berkeley County Republican Party.


Wade Arnette

Schuster was quick to respond to Arnette, challenging his right to interfere in a group that is not under the control of the county GOP:

Dear Fellow Republicans, 1/28/08

The Letter Below was not a suprise to me since on August 28,2007, The Berkeley County Republican Chairman (Wade Arnette), the Berkeley County Executive Committeeman (Wayland Moody) and The Widow (Roberta Combs) of the Berkeley County Republican Chairman (1992-Andy Combs) each threatened to do this if I(as Moderator) allowed Nancy Corbin to speak at the September 1, 2007 Berkeley County Republican Breakfast.

After She Spoke (with No Questions allowed from the Audience), the Berkeley County Chairman was invited to Speak and refused.

Since its founding in 1992, The Berkeley County Republican Breakfast has had itsown Checking Account and has NEVER Reported its Activities and Financies to the Berkley County Republican Party.

In December 2001 I and the Late Malvin Mann (Chairman) were honored by the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast for Our Service to the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast and Party.

The Berkeley County Republican Executive Committee did not vote on this since there has not been a Meeting since September 2007.

Charles Schuster may have to work on his grammar a little bit, but you get the point - they're out to get him, but he's not going without a fight. Nor should he. Come on ... it's not like he was fired from a job for embezzlement, stole money or bounced checks, now was it?

Charles is our friend and a big Blogland fan, so you bet your ass that we're behind him all the way. We're not sure if Wayland Moody and Roberta Combs are also in this, since the letter was sent from Arnette, but we hope they're smart enough not to further complicate a pretty embarrassing and difficult matter for Berkeley County Republicans.

We understand that Charles has met with an attorney on this matter, and Arnette will be informed that he has no control over the breakfast club, and therefore has no power to seat or remove Schuster - or anyone else - from his role as moderator.

We know that State GOP Chair Katon Dawson has attempted to brush this mess under the rug, in hopes that thing will eventually work themselves out. But it seems as if Arnette and others keep on using more of these bone-headed strong-arm tactics against their opponents. Dawson may be wise to let this situation play itself out without further efforts at "damage control".

This Saturday, Charles Schuster will, as he does every first Saturday, play host to speakers from the Lowcountry political scene. You can bet that we'll be there to show our support for him. If you'd like to show your support, come on down to the American Legion on Howe Hall Road in Goose Creek. Breakfast starts at 9am and only costs five bucks.

If you'd like to contact Charles, email him at and let him know how much you appreciate what he's done.

On a final note, we recently obtained this video of the meeting in which it was decided to oust Charles:

5 Response to "Backstabbing in the Berkeley GOP?"

  1. JAX Moye 30/1/08 22:39
    sounds like horry county to me and rest assured katon aint gonna get involved
  2. Mattheus Mei 31/1/08 06:34
    wow, sounds like you guys need Jerry Springer - needless to say the county chairman seems to be drunk on the notion that he actually has some kind of power.
  3. Anonymous 31/1/08 10:17
    Earl, I don't think that you needed to go farther than mentioning the nominal head of the Christian Coalition, DC resident, "THE WIDOW".

    Were it not that the Berkeley County Breakfast meeting wasn't one of their larger and regular functions, she could have taken a few pages from the suppression of Charleston's breakfast meeting.
  4. Right Guard 31/1/08 16:19
    That's nothing compared to what Wade Arnette did recently. I understand that he tried to fire the head of the Peoples REPUBLIC of China. Apparently he thinks that anything with "republic" comes under his jurisdiction.
  5. the other black cat 1/2/08 10:00
    mattheus, Springer is an avowed Democrat. In some corners he'd be lynched, in others, understanding Springer's willingness to play at sensationalism, me might get pulled in Goose Creek, sincee he looks like an Arab terrorist, and find himself confined after the discovery of explosive materials in his vehicle.

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