Breaking judicial race news

We have been informed that the race to fill the Ninth Judicial Circuit seat has ended early, with Ninth Circuit Family Court Judge Jack Landis and Charleston attorney Bill Thrower having withdrawn from the race.

Ninth Circuit prosecutor Kristi Harrington will now stand for election to this seat unopposed. We at the Blogland have worked closely with her, in support of her candidacy, and believe she is well-qualified to serve on the bench.

The efforts of many others who supported Kristi, including law enforcement, crime victims, prosecutors, and fellow attorneys, along with key legislative backers, had much to do with Kristi's success in garnering support for this position. We appreciate their team effort.

It is not easy to seek a judgeship - in fact, from everyone we've talked to about this, and everything we've seen, it's a miserable process. After all the work that goes into this, it has to be a tough thing to look at the numbers when one is losing, swallow a little pride, and bow out gracefully, but that's exactly what they did. We appreciate their doing so, just as much as we appreciate them running.

While another judicial race we have discussed here turned nasty and bitter in the last two weeks, this race has been discussed several times here, with respectful and thoughtful discourse. It certainly stands out as an example of the kind of greater transparency that we deserve from our state's judiciary, and that Kristi believes in.

We believe this sense of humility and accountability to the people will serve her well as a judge. Combined with her work ethic and willingness to take on new challenges, don't be surprised if you see Kristi rising to the Supreme Court one of these days.

It may be a long way to the top, but mark our words, Kristi Harrington is gonna rock and roll:

2 Response to "Breaking judicial race news"

  1. valdosta georgia moye 22/1/08 21:58
    Of course we wish Kristi the best.
  2. Anonymous 23/1/08 19:28
    Congrats Kristi, you are the best and deserve only the best. I never doubted for a second that you would win. I'm very proud of you along with many others that are proud of you as well. The law enforcement community will miss having you to help them out, but we are all proud of you. Keep rockin on!!!!

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