Day of Mourning announced for House Majority Leader

At the beginning of session Tuesday, an official Day of Mourning was announced for State House Majority Leader Jim Merrill. Flags were ordered lowered to half-mast and according to reports, much of the community of Daniel Island, where Merrill and his family had resided since before his election to the State House in 2000 was reportedly shocked by what one resident called "very sad news indeed".

Addressing a hastily-called joint session, House Speaker Bobby Harrell addressed legislators, telling them "this was a day that we all knew was coming, even though many of us hoped a day like this would never come."

"Jim has always been an inspiration to me," said Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, who followed Harrell. "He was always someone I could turn to when I needed something. Today is truly a sad occasion and I join all of you in mourning this day."

Some of Merrill's fellow legislators poured out their hearts in very emotional comments on the House floor:

It's really sad when something like this happens to someone you were just getting to know and enjoy working with.
- Rep. Carl Gullick (R-York)

It's just so hard to believe. I mean he was always so full of life and energy.
- Sen. Larry Grooms (R-Berkeley)

On a day like this, we can't help but look back at our own lives and wonder where we're headed.
- Rep. Chip Limehouse (R-Charleston)

I had been looking forward to working with him, and then something like this happens.
- Rep. Shannon Erickson (R-Beaufort)

Reports came in of flags being lowered to half-mast across Canada, reportedly at the request of United States Ambassador David Wilkins, a former South Carolina State House Speaker.

Then the proceedings were interrupted by freshman Senator Paul Campbell, who went over to Jim Merrill's desk, looked at the empty seat, and then walked up to the microphone and said:

Happy 40th Birthday, Jim. You know we all wish you the best.

Happy 40th Birthday to
Majority Leader Jim Merrill
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6 Response to "Day of Mourning announced for House Majority Leader"

  1. Mike Reino 14/1/08 23:36
    Damn Earl, you had me going. Until I got to the end, I was thinking 'WTF??'
  2. Anonymous 15/1/08 03:13
    hey jim, happy birthday!
  3. watching it snow moye 15/1/08 08:39
    you bad
  4. on the ohio river 15/1/08 14:13
    someday somehow somebody gonna get even with you man you nasty boy you
  5. west_rhino 15/1/08 15:31
    Well just damn! This means that other than an auxillary member Jim is out of the YRs, though he's still younger than Strom.

    Of course you know this also means Frank Witchey, whose evil clone still writes for the P&C approaches old farthood. (Yes Paul, I beat you to it).
  6. Speaker's Mafia 17/1/08 09:38
    I was thinking, who ordered the hit?

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