Driving through the Midlands?

For those of you who travel through the Midlands, there will soon be two new road construction projects you should keep an eye out for. My company, U.S. Group, will be starting work on two new road construction projects in Lexington County:

Piney Grove Road widening and bridge replacement:
This project will replace the bridge over Kinley Creek, rechannel the creek to reduce potential erosion of the roadway, and add a center turn lane for two blocks both north and south of the creek.

U.S. Route 321 at U.S. Route 21/176 intersection realignment:
This project will replace the fork and yield intersection with a standard "T" intersection, complete with a traffic light. U.S. 321 will remain the through-route, while U.S. 21/176 travelers will have to stop and then turn right or left to get onto U.S. 321.

While daytime work that interferes with traffic is usually very restricted by SCDOT contract requirements, we do ask you to slow down exercise extra caution through these work zones. Both projects will likely require lane shift and temporary realignments to facilitate work, which will slow traffic while motorists get used to them. Watch out for those motorists, as well as our workers and construction vehicles.

If you have any questions about either project, please let me know. I'll be glad to help.

As an added bonus, I put the Piney Grove Road project online with a traffic information website, which you can find at http://www.pineygroveroad.com/.

4 Response to "Driving through the Midlands?"

  1. asphalt man 16/1/08 12:32
    are these projects worth the trouble it will cause
  2. Earl Capps 16/1/08 16:28
    asphalt - contact me directly and i'll be more than glad to talk to you about these projects, especially with regard to piney grove road.
  3. glad to be in davis station moye 16/1/08 20:55
    i will contact you from davis station sc earl capps. it is snowing and raining and i just got in from the columbia airport. we need to widen the road from goat island at davis crossroads to davis station can you talk to john land for me about this. thanks.
  4. Anonymous 17/1/08 00:17
    Earl, you must be worried and busy trying to distract people from the trash and lies you tried to tell on Anita Floyd. Why else have you tried to change the subject so much and so quickly?

    That's ok, we're gonna remember.

    Watch out in traffic, ok?

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