Happy Birthday to Judge Konduros

We at the Blogland want to wish a Happy Birthday to 13th Circuit Family Court Judge Aphrodite Konduros, who is up for a vote for the Court of Appeals next Tuesday.

Naturally, anyone who is Orthodox sits pretty high on our list (being Eastern Catholic, we're close to Greek Orthodox), so we think she's pretty cool. As a veteran jurist, we think she's well-qualified for this promotion too. All the judicial insiders we know speak pretty highly of her experience, temperament and other qualificiations.

According to her bio, she enjoys "cooking, gardening, travel, and may be the worst avid snow skier in the history of the sport" ... so if you want to get her anything for her birthday, we recommend skiing lessons.

So we'll ask everyone to be nice to her today for her birthday, and for my birthday on Tuesday, be nice and put her on the Court of Appeals.

5 Response to "Happy Birthday to Judge Konduros"

  1. florida moye 29/1/08 21:45
    happy bd to her and later yo
  2. Anonymous 29/1/08 22:01
    Judge Konduros is the hardest working judge. She is the epitome of ethical, intelligent, and compassionate qualities. If you call her on the weekends, she is working...if you call during the week day, she is on the bench.
    She is a great person!
  3. Kristi 29/1/08 22:07
    You are awesome! Thank you!
  4. Mattheus Mei 30/1/08 09:24
    Happy Birthday Judge, we need sound jurists in this day to interpret the law in a wise manner and show fairness in justice. Sounds like she's our gal! (And as a Latin Rite Catholic, I agree, the fact that she's G.O. just makes her all the more appealing)
  5. Earl Capps 30/1/08 16:27
    Matthew - most Latin/Romans have no idea the differences between Eastern/Byzantine rite Catholics and y'all ... or how similar we can be to Orthodox.

    Please tell me you're one of those few who do - it would be a refreshing break to talk with someone who actually understands.

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