Inhale to the Chief: The Blogland's South Carolina Presidential Primary Review

In a couple of weeks, hundreds of thousands of South Carolina voters will go to the polls to pick candidates in the Presidential primaries. Then, like the aftermath of a wild weekend party, the candidates will hit the road the next morning, acting like they don't know us, and leaving everyone tired and burned out, with lots of debris (leftover signs) scattered all over the place for someone else to clean up.

The way we figure it, the other blogs have plenty to say about the race, and there’s not much original we can say that they won’t say or haven’t already said. To do our readers a favor, we decided to spare our readers more of the Presidential BS, and keep things short and simple by presenting a brief recap of our past discussions about the candidates and issues.

As many of you know, we’ve endorsed Rudy Guiliani, and we’re sticking with that endorsement, in a race where some sources have indicated that bullshit is the number one issue among voters.

For your information and entertainment, here are some of the past postings we've made regarding the presidential race, broken down by candidates and subjects:

Rudy Guiliani:
Mike Huckabee:
John McCain:

Barack Obama:

Mitt Romney:
Fred Thompson:

Issues in the Presidential race:
Polling and straw polls:
South Carolinians & Presidential politics:

3 Response to "Inhale to the Chief: The Blogland's South Carolina Presidential Primary Review"

  1. still in houston moye 9/1/08 19:55
    go rudi or is it rudy only florida can tell
  2. Anonymous 11/1/08 14:54
    again, more proof what a moron and bootlicker you are.
  3. Anonymous 13/1/08 00:49
    booooooo to all of them toooooo!!!

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