Judicial candidate interviews

Lately, it just doesn't seem our state's legal and judicial community is having a lot of luck: rigged bar exam scores, Justice Toal's driving, as well as the million-and-one conspiracy theories regarding the recent election of Supreme Court Justice Beatty. Given all this bad publicity, we thought it might be a good time to open the curtains on the backroom and try to shine a little sunlight upon the process of selecting our state's judges.

Five of the ten most-read postings in the Blogland in December involved judicial races and legal reform, and the month's most-discussed posting was an interview with a judicial candidate. This says to us that our readers are interested in these issues. Seeing as how we're big fans of our fans, we think their concerns are important.

For the benefit of our readers, we emailed the candidates in the upcoming judicial votes, offering them opportunities to be interviewed in the Blogland. We wanted to introduce them to our readers and learn a little bit more about them.

It might not come as much of surprise to you that we're still waiting to hear from most of them.

There are two judicial candidates who did interview with the Blogland, and we appreciate their taking the time to let us know a little bit about them:
  • Kristi Harrington, a special prosecutor with the Berkeley County Solicitor's office who is seeking the vacant 9th Judicial Circuit Court seat,
  • Melissa Emery, a Myrtle Beach family law attorney who is seeking the vacant 15th Judicial Circuit Family Court seat.
We appreciate their doing so for our readers, and hope that future judicial races will become even more transparent. Rest assured that we'll do our best to make sure you get a little more honesty and transparency about our state government ... and if we hear from any other judicial candidates, we'll give them equal time to speak up.

Stay tuned.

4 Response to "Judicial candidate interviews"

  1. Anonymous 7/1/08 23:18
    it is interesting that the two who took the time to interview weren't incumbent judges. i guess they weren't so jaded from years on the bench.

    we could use more judges like them and less like toal and company.
  2. Anonymous 8/1/08 00:16
    today's flakes, nuts, and losers ... as always, coming to you from the blogland.
  3. Rick 8/1/08 05:42
    I like both of those candidates, and I also know a few legislators.

    Your assumption that at least some of your readers are concerned about who sits on the bench is correct. Include me among those who do care.

    You can also include me among those who read it, care, and call the legislators they know to ask them to support those two candidates.
  4. houston hobby airport moye 8/1/08 20:23
    you did good

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