Justice League of America endorsement rocks state judicial race

The race for a state judicial seat heated up following a surprise apperance at the State House by the Justice League of America.

Flanked by her fellow superheroes, Wonder Woman, also known as Kristi Harrington, received the endorsement of the Justice League of America, an organization of veteran superheroes renowned for their efforts to protect truth, justice and the American Way.

"We can no longer sit back and allow the political machinations of mere mortals to endanger the people of South Carolina," said Superman. "We are here today to call upon the people of the state to demand their elected leaders put this woman on the bench."

Batman, who had just flown in from Gotham City for the conference, added: "She is a voice for justice who can do much good for the state. She also makes great waffles."

This endorsement was the latest twist in one of the most high-profile bids for a seat in the state's judiciary. Already supported by two of the state's most-read political bloggers - Earl Capps of the Blogland of Earl Capps and Will Folks of FitsNews.com - reports have surfaced of another alliance being formed to support her candidacy among the state's political bloggers.

This group of bloggers, allegedly known as the Scumdogs of the Universe, reportedly has been considering how it can best join these ongoing efforts to encourage legislators to support Wonder Woman.

According to a report published on Folks' blog, who referred to Wonder Woman as "smokin' hot", her backers may be considering plans to eventually oust the entire state Supreme Court, allowing Harrington to be the state's sole arbiter of justice.

When asked about the long-term plans that may be behind this move, the Green Lantern said: "She is the purest form of justice known to mankind. We will support her every move as she goes forward to smite evil wherever she may find it."

13 Response to "Justice League of America endorsement rocks state judicial race"

  1. Anonymous 18/1/08 23:15
    Good luck Kristi! You deserve only the best because you are the best! And you are certainly my hero.
  2. queer as folks 18/1/08 23:24

    This race might even get the real queer as folks fired up again...
  3. Anonymous 19/1/08 00:38
    From what I know; Kristi Harrington is the best person for the position for the 9th circut judgeship. She exemplifies all of the qualities that it will take to run a fair courtroom. She is a great prosecutor and will be sadly missed, but the 9th circut will be gaining a fine judge.
  4. Anonymous 20/1/08 11:26
    smoking hot? yep.
  5. Anonymous 21/1/08 10:31
    more crap online from them repugnicunts. oh well, wait until the fall when they lose.
  6. Anonymous 21/1/08 21:41
    Earl (if that is your REAL name),
    Why do you trivialize the importance of the judicial races? Don't you think it is more important to have someone that understands the law than that can whip up some waffles? What is it about 'Wonder Woman' that makes her competent to weild the gavel?
  7. Riddler 21/1/08 21:52
    dear rocket scientist (2141):

    have you not heard of SATIRE? maybe he was just having a little fun.

    please note that there is a link in that article to an interview he did with her a while back. that article was a lot more serious.

    oh, something else you missed - links to some of the professional and academic associations he is affiliated with, and that list him as an officer.

    bet he faked those too, didn't he?

    grow up.
  8. Earl Capps 21/1/08 23:17
    Dear Anon 2141 - you can rest assured I support Kristi for all the right reasons for the bench.

    If you'll go back to that article, you will see I posted a link to a rather in-depth write-up that has turned out to be the most-ever read Blogland article.

    But what I find most compelling isn't what I asked or even what she said - but rather what everyone else had to say.

    I hope the legislators listen to THOSE voices above all others in deciding who should sit on the bench.

    Thanks for tuning in. Stick around, we'll be talking more about judicial candidacies in the next week or so. Sounds like you have some concerns, so that might be a good opportunity to speak up.
  9. Anonymous 22/1/08 00:36
    her waffles are hot, but not smokin' hot. if they were, that would mean she burned them.

    she is perfect, so she cannot burn waffles, nor fail to track down evil doers, whereever they may hide in south carolina.
  10. Anonymous 22/1/08 12:09
    If some people would review the previous interview with Kristi along with the qualifications that she has, they would see that she is above and beyond qualified to hold this position. Then throw in her qualities as a person and it not longer just makes her 'qualified' it makes her perfect for the position. She is exactly what our system needs sitting on the bench. If the people bitching in this post don't want to see child molesters and other evildoers go to jail then post somewhere where you have the opportunity to support someone you believe will do a better job. It's all about standing up for what you believe in and I've learned enough that I believe in her.
  11. Anonymous 22/1/08 16:46
    Thanks for putting up the interview can be located; now maybe people can see the facts. Thanks Earl for trying to put the good things out there for people to see.
  12. Anonymous 4/2/08 22:05
    I would just like to take this opportunity to say "thank you" for all of your hard work and efforts over the last six years at the Berkeley County Solicitor's Office. I have only had the pleasure of working with you over the past two years, but an enjoyable and rewarding experience that has been. Your knowledge, care and concern that you display on each case that you have handled has been impeccable. Personally, my knowledge of the law and how to handle certain cases has grown tremendously over the past two years that I have had you on my side. You have helped provide me with the resources that I need to either continue my career in law enforcement or go on to bigger and better things, for that I am much appreciative. I wish you all the luck in the world on your most recent endeavourer. The job certainly went to the best candidate. And if I can be of any assistance to you in the future please do not hesitate to request that assistance. You have become a great legacy, not just within my department, but in all departments throughout this county. Good luck and best wishes.
    Cassie Brooks
    Hanahan Police Department

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