Support Ronnie Norton for the Family Court

According to Zane Wilson’s story in the Friday edition of the Myrtle Beach Sun News, the ongoing saga of Anita Floyd’s second attempt to get on the Family Court in the 15th Circuit appears to be continuing its downward spiral:

Ronnie Norton appeared to have enough votes Thursday to ensure that he will be elected judge of Horry County's family court.

A week ago, the race was a tossup, but now Norton has "a strong lead," said Rep. Vida Miller, D-Pawleys Island, who supported Floyd but said that is not because she has anything against Norton.

"He is a very nice person," and both candidates are "very qualified," Miller said.

Sen. Ray Cleary, R-Murrells Inlet, said both are "great candidates," and both have strong supporters, especially among Horry County's lawyers.

But it was the "flip-flopping" of the S.C. Bar Association report on Floyd that hurt her chances and raised questions among many legislators, he said.

A year ago, the bar, which interviews 30 attorneys who know a candidate, found Floyd highly qualified. In December, the same group said she was not qualified.

The Bar Association's director said such differences can arise when different lawyers are interviewed for the reports on candidates.

Norton, on the other hand, had "all positive" comments from the bar, which caused many lawmakers to pick him, Cleary said.


That Ms. Floyd is in trouble comes as little surprise to us. The image her supporters have presented do her no favors and in looking at several assessments of her qualifications, the findings have been inconsistent, presenting a record that seems somewhat questionable. When contrasted against Mr. Norton, it’s hard for them not to see some major differences, which probably has much to do with Norton’s lead.

We’ve talked with Ronnie Norton, as well as a number of his supporters. He’s a decent guy, thoughtful and deliberate, and his supporters have been positive and supportive of their candidate. We can see why he’s doing so well at picking up support from legislators.

Norton’s reviews have been 100% positive and supportive. No questions have been raised about him at any step of the way, and nobody has had anything bad to say about him or his qualifications.

In addition to the mean-spiritied and semi-literate rantings we’ve seen from Ms. Floyd’s supporters on this blog, the consistency of positive reviews has been another noticeable, and refreshing, difference between him and Ms. Floyd.

Those legislators who are supporting Mr. Norton are doing the right thing. We also support Ronnie Norton's judicial candidacy and ask those legislators who are still uncommitted to join us in supporting him for this well-deserved judicial seat.

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  1. sitting by the low water moye 28/1/08 20:34
    is it here we go again

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