The System has Failed: Megadeth that works

In many album reviews here in the Blogland, we look at those surviving 80s hair bands who continue cranking out solid material, even with a fraction of the album sales and concert attendance numbers of their heyday. Megadeth's 2004 The System has Failed album is more proof that an 80s band two decades removed from their heyday does NOT have to suck.

Believe it or not, a clip from one of the songs on that album, "Die Dead Enough" is my cell phone's main ring tone.

If it's good enough for my cell phone, it's good enough for your album collection. Go buy it.

Here's a YouTube clip of the song so good it's on my cell phone:

... and live footage of "Something I'm Not", from their Gigantour 2005.

2 Response to "The System has Failed: Megadeth that works"

  1. Anonymous 13/1/08 00:47
    booooooo - again!!!
  2. Speaker's mafia 13/1/08 11:37
    Megadeath is wrong, the system never fails. This thing of ours always endures. Just ask Mark Sanford. No matter how hard he tries he can not beat our system. This thing of ours endures wars, depressions, and the passions of the day.

    When we swear the blood oath to Don Bobby, we know it is for life.

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