They're back: The Blogland's 2008 legislative preview

If you live in Columbia, now is a good time to lock up your booze cabinets ... your daughters ... and one more thing - don't forget to hide the keys to your car. In case you hadn't heard, trouble's coming to town this week - with a vengeance.

No, it's not the boys from the Delta House ... the General Assembly reconvenes tomorrow, and before they get back in town, we at the Blogland wanted to give you a photo guide of some of who and what you might see in and around the State House:

House Majority Leader Jim Merrill discusses legislative strategy with an incoming freshman from the Midlands:

Here is a highly-classified photo of a meeting of Senate committee chairmen that we snuck out of the Senate Democratic Caucus office in what is sure to become known as Stolenphotogate:

Several bloggers plot a response to the legislative budget process:

The editor of the Blogland begs for mercy as he tries to sneak out of his bar tab:

We weren't sure who these two politicos are, but if any of you would like to guess who they are, feel free to share your suggestions:

Now, for those of you who came here looking for us to tell you what the important issues might be ... come on, this is Columbia. If they don't have issues, they'll find issues - they always do. They've got more issues than Britney Spears, just waiting to be pulled out and discussed in whatever ways will best help get them re-elected. When they figure out what those issues are, we'll be talking about them.

14 Response to "They're back: The Blogland's 2008 legislative preview"

  1. Anonymous 6/1/08 21:27
    rick quinn and trey walker?
  2. Anonymous 7/1/08 07:07
    wes donehue and tim cameron?
  3. anonymous Ground Squirrel 7/1/08 10:09
    From Mulder's files...

    Brothers Ground Squirrel and Tree Frog, last seen preparing affidavits before Anne Francis Bleecker withdrew her City of Charleston campaign censorship mandate.
  4. Mike Reino 7/1/08 12:38
    Remember Earl? everyone thought Earl had brain damage. I myself was so obnoxious, Bobby Harrell used to beat me up once a week.......
  5. Anonymous 7/1/08 13:03
    paul adams and wil folks?
  6. strait shooter 7/1/08 22:12
    Midget Leatherman and Neck Cooper
  7. Anonymous 7/1/08 23:16
    we know it's not beavis and butthead, but if it's related to politics in this state, probably someone just as stupid.
  8. Anonymous 7/1/08 23:27
    pretty funny. Sounds like our Arkansas legislature.

    Please, oh please get this letter to as many evangelicals who will be voting in the South Carolina Republican Primary:

    It is written by an evangelical Christian from Arkansas who gives 7 reasons why he can’t support Huckabee in this Republican Primary. It is well written and very well documented and very fair. Please get this out EVERYWHERE!!!!
  9. Speaker's Mafia 7/1/08 23:48
    Again, Mr. Capps, you try to put down this thing of ours. We got the money, we got the cars, we got the women, we got the power, all things most men crave.

    It comes from loyalty to the man, Don Bobby.
  10. consiglari 8/1/08 13:26
    and again speakers muffy has no understanding, Bobby has no standing that Joe Riley doesn't allow.
  11. Anonymous 8/1/08 19:48
    I haven't heard the names ground squirrel and tree frog in a long thinks that no good was surely going on. There had to be a flounder nearby
  12. wish i was in galveston texas moye 8/1/08 20:26
    gary mcleod and mike reino
  13. anonymous flying squirrel 10/1/08 12:20
    not a flounder though the pics suggest Molari's aide Vir is missing here.

    OTOH Mr Limp @ {domain not allowed under HHS directive }
  14. Anonymous 10/1/08 14:24
    Rick Beltram and Mark Hartley?

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