Watchdogs and Junkyard Dogs in Myrtle Beach

... so go ahead, trust us with your life savings, your condo at Kiawah and while you're at it ... your daughters.

That seemed to be what the folks at the Myrtle Beach Sun News were trying to say about us, having called us a "government watchdog":

... it was the Floyd-Norton contest that had many legislators, even those from other parts of the state, talking Wednesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday, they received a letter from five lawyers on the Horry County Bar Association's Family Court Committee asking that Norton be elected. Floyd is also a member of that committee.

Later that day, after Emery withdrew, a government watchdog blog posted an S.C. Bar Association report on Floyd which ruled her unqualified. Less than a year previously, the same report found her the most qualified of the candidates who were seeking a previous family court opening.

The story claimed that the "race for Horry County's family court judgeship sparked hotter than usual for these types of contests last week when Horry County lawyers started calling and writing legislators about which candidate they favored".

If you think what they wrote was red-hot stuff, y'all should take a look at what some of those lawyers wrote on our blog. Most notable among these comments were the numerous typos, misspellings and lousy paragraph construction by one "Kathryn M. Cook ,Horry County Attorney", including this snippet:

It is simple petty jealousy of the professional accomplishment of Ms. Floyd and their support of one of the other candidates in this race. The two female lawyers who testified before legislative committe were both represented in their own personal domestic matter by the cnadidate that has now dropped out.

We're not sure if this one needed her bar exam scores fixed, but we're willing to bet English wasn't one of her favorite subjects in school.

One of the targets of Cook's illiteracy responded to the (misspelled) allegations with:

Melissa Emery, the candidate who dropped out of this race, has NEVER represented me in any domestic matter or any other matter. However, Ms. Cook failed to mention Ms. Floyd was her attorney in her own domestic action.

We may be watchdogs, but at least we're not a junkyard dog, nor do we spell or rant like one. But if we are dogs of any kind, we'd like to think of ourselves as one of those cute, cuddly, toothless kinds of watchdogs who wouldn't hurt a flea.

9 Response to "Watchdogs and Junkyard Dogs in Myrtle Beach"

  1. Anonymous 23/1/08 09:18
    Based on my personal observation of lawyers qualifications, perhaps the Bar Association's position, as arbiter of who may practice law, ought to be vacated. That or let us in on the K Mart that is peddling law degrees.
  2. jax moye 23/1/08 15:49
    maybe they should let the west rhino our good friend proff read their comments
  3. west_rhino 23/1/08 16:26
    I depreciate your gracious commentz moye, what's hte pay?

    And does the position accomodate torpedoing the unconstituional, yet convenient?
  4. Anonymous 23/1/08 17:24
    Earl, I could feel the love in all of those comments.
  5. Anonymous 24/1/08 10:35
    I don't get the Suns News questioning your blog, the same information was printed in the Sun News about the South Carolina Bar finding Floyd not qualified when the report initially came out. Someone from the Sun News should have been asking questions then. Further, I have it from a reliable source, Floyd is not on the committee that sent the letter supporting Norton. I feel watch dogs are necessary: keeps people on their toes!
  6. Anonymous 25/1/08 23:13
    Too bad Ms. Emery is not still in the race. Mr. Norton is ably qualified, but the intelligence, compassion, and discipline that Ms. Emery displays on a daily basis is remarkable.
    Shame on everyone for allowing this race to devolve to clothing issues...No wonder our juveniles are in trouble. Look at our 'role models'
  7. Anonymous 26/1/08 08:57
    I'm just thinking that when commenting on others spelling, is is a good idea to spell misspelling correctly
  8. Earl Capps 26/1/08 09:20
    fixed. thanks for letting us know.
  9. Anonymous 26/1/08 18:31
    Anon 0857,
    I'm just thinking that if you are going to critique Mr. Capps's spelling, perhaps you should do a "spell check" yourself.

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