Another attempt to hijack breakfast club?

We at the Blogland have been informed by our readers that there will be a second attempt to take over the Berkeley GOP Breakfast Club by Berkeley County GOP Chair Wade Arnette. This effort will be made tonight at a meeting he has called at the Sangaree branch of the Berkeley County Library, at 7pm.

That's at 595 Sangaree Parkway, Summerville SC 29483. Mapquest it and be there.

Arnette's position that the Chair has authority over every Republican organization within it's county should warn Republicans across the state that their own groups could be taken over at the whim of their county's Chairman - Breakfast Clubs, Lunch Clubs ... not to forget Women, Young, and Teenage Republicans.

Even more troubling is the silence from the state GOP leadership to allegations that we've raised that they may be supporting Arnette's efforts. Grassroots Republicans should be demanding to know if Dawson wants to allow local GOP clubs to be co-opted.

We were informed that Arnette failed to notify a number of members of the county's Executive Committee, so we're not even sure if whatever happens tonight will have legal standing.

It should concern Republicans that the Berkeley GOP has withered to the point where they can meet at a library. Folks, that's just one stop from the proverbial phone booth.

Now THAT is what you call leadership.

Come on out to show your support for Schuster and while you're there, ask Arnette when he'll conduct an audit of his own organization. After all, if it's good for the goose, it's gotta be good for the gander.

That's 7pm, at 595 Sangaree Parkway, Summerville SC 29483. Mapquest it and be there.

9 Response to "Another attempt to hijack breakfast club?"

  1. Anonymous 19/2/08 15:54
    Has the Beltram virus spread?

    WILDFIRE 222
  2. Houston Moye 19/2/08 18:41
    If I was not in Houston I would be there.
  3. Larry's Basement Sports Bar and GOP Club 20/2/08 00:04
    You know, with the Democratic primary giving the GOP a glance at the fall turnout, it would seem local groups would be working with each other, not acting as this Chairman appears to.

    For the first time in several years,there will be races in play and some will be very close.

    If some guy started Larry's Basement Republican Club, as long as it got people to turnout and vote and work for the GOP, who cares if they watched the NBA or NASCAR when they met? Your chairman seems like the guy that comes over to your house, drinks your beer, eats your food, and gets upset because he did not get to hold the remote control on the tv.
  4. Show me the money 20/2/08 00:08
    Don't be surprised if the state GOP looks to charge some sort of franchise fee to local outfits such as your club.

    Who cares if you put up signs, turn out voters, and promote Republicans? In this day and age, you gotta bring the cash.
  5. Anonymous 20/2/08 11:34
    money, that is where the betrayal of conservatism leaves a McCainac's best hopes in Obama's having the nod from the Dems.

    I'm hearing folks (not Wil) expressing that even our State GOP leaders have betrayed their trust, as "evangelicals" responded in '06, those votes may stay home in Novemeber and internecine jackidations(sp?) like this and the unwitting nitwittery of the "Trophy Mouth" probably are making the Dems feel higher than the superdelegate coke parties in the back rooms at ther conventions.
  6. Texas Moye 20/2/08 16:02
    I have always said our problem will be the extreme religious right waiting on a miracle that aint gonna happen. You better vote McCain or we will be in trouble come November. Of course Clinton could still steal the nomination piss off the minorities and youth and then it will be a cake walk.
  7. west_rhino 21/2/08 14:48
    Moye, I think you remember Pug Ravenel's nomination for Governor all too well. Business as usual backroom Dems, afraid of an agenda of or for change, crafted an excuse to vacate his nomination and slide an upstate boss in as nominee. Crossover voting was one of those delicious ironies of '74.

    I might even still have my inaugural program somewhere.
  8. De'Anna Trout 21/2/08 14:50
    So sorry,the Berkeley GOP Exec. meet
    this past Tuesday,didn't see Christianity in their leadership!
    Instead I saw dictators as if I were
    in China,etc. Free speech was suppressed! I saw only greedy power
    hungry people and their "kool aid"
    drinkers! Can you believe they are
    scared of Linda Riney and Nancy
    Corbin,who,combined has more integrity and common sense than all
    of "them". If I were running for an
    office ,I'll take Riney and Corbin
    over 100 0f "them".

    I want to encourage Republicans of
    Berkeley County to continue to support Charles Schuester and the
    Ist Saturday Republican Breakfast
    at the American Legion in Goose
    Creek. I will never give a dime to
    the current leadership of the Berkeley GOP!

    By the way GOP Chairman you are not
    the oldest member of the party in
    this county,these were,Tate Baggett
    Roderick Edens,David Dennis,John
    and De'Anna Trout, J.B Hood and Lois,yes we could have
    met in a phone booth,which is where
    you and the "kool aid" drinkers are
    getting ready to meet again!

    Whew! been wanting to say this for
    a long time!
  9. not a willie fan in texas moye 21/2/08 17:48
    west you are right i do remember pug well.

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