Arnette to apologize to Schuster at tomorrow's GOP Breakfast Club meeting?

Blogland staff members are trying to track down the source of a rumor that Berkeley County GOP Chair Wade Arnette plans to issue a public apology for making a number of personal attacks upon local Republican Breakfast Club moderator Charles Schuster.

Reportedly, this apology will be offered at the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast Club at tomorrow morning’s monthly meeting, where Arnette made his accusations to news media representatives following his failed takeover attempt.

According to the source, he will claim that his attacks were motivated by a desire to seek revenge for not being allowed to take over Schuster’s group. Specifically, Arnette will apologize to Schuster for questioning his character and for wasting state tax dollars by involving the State Ethics Commission with what was termed a “frivolous complaint that had no basis in fact”.

The alleged desire to make up for the attacks upon Schuster’s character may have been prompted by comments by Steve Query, the county GOP’s Treasurer, who recently told local media that he wanted to see “a few minutes allowed where opposing views could be made, as long as it doesn't get into character assassination or personal vendettas.

Arnette’s false allegations, which accused Schuster of personal mishandling of funds, rose to the level of both character assassination and personal vendettas.

Other sources have claimed that the rumor was false and Arnette does not plan on returning to the place where he was booed by meeting attendees. Arnette has refused to return calls from the Blogland, leaving it to attendees to tomorrow’s meeting to see if Arnette will return, and if he does, whether he will be big enough to apologize to Schuster.

4 Response to "Arnette to apologize to Schuster at tomorrow's GOP Breakfast Club meeting?"

  1. Anonymous 29/2/08 12:49
  2. De'Anna Trout 1/3/08 11:53
    I won't hold my breath to see Wade
    show up to apologize to Charlie,he
    doesn't have the courage and besides
    "she" who gives orders to this"group"
    would never allow it!Neither would the rest of this small crowd of blind
  3. Anonymous 7/3/08 14:51
    Can anyone confirm Arnette quote, "When hell freezes over!"?
  4. Earl Capps 7/3/08 14:57
    I could try, but I hear I'm the next one he's going to attempt to have investigated.

    Fat chance that will happen, but I think it's pretty funny.

    I'm going to make a point to be at every public meeting and event that I can where he's at. Let's see what he does then.

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