Arnette's search for "Mo Money" finds just pocket change

Today's second story about stupid, heavy-handed moves by a political has-been brings us more news about the ongoing meltdown of the Berkeley County GOP. County Chairman Wade Arnette's sour-grapes efforts to smear Charles Schuster, the moderator of the local GOP Breakfast club, after his effort to hijack the club failed, ended up flopping as badly as his coup attempt, when the State Ethics Commission found nothing wrong and dropped the case:

Last week, Berkeley County Republican Party Chairman Wade Arnette wrote to Hazelwood, expressing his concerns about the breakfast.

On Monday, Hazelwood said that the breakfast would only fall under her office’s jurisdiction if it made contributions in excess of $500 to political candidates.

“The main thing is, the breakfast club has made it clear that … they are a group outside of the jurisdiction of the ethics commission, and outside of the party,” she said.

Hazelwood said the commission would not investigate the breakfast unless new information is presented.

- Goose Creek Gazette (2/13/08)

It's amazing that a group of people who gather for breakfast once a month can be so intimidating to Berkeley County's power structure. Either that, or Arnette has become quite adept at making mountains out of molehills.

Disclosures of the Breakfast Club's finances seemed to have pulled the plug on Arnette's allegations of financial wrong-doings, when Schuster opened the books, revealing that the club not only had very little cash on hand, but that this was a normal state of being for the club, and that the biggest beneficiary of what little money there was may have been the American Legion:

On Sunday, breakfast moderator Charles Schuster said that an audit of the breakfast’s finances revealed that the club has never had more than $1,097 in its bank account, and that all “deposits, checks and bank statements are on file,” he said.

According to Schuster, attorney Wheeler Tillman, along with Schuster, completed the audit Feb. 9.

“We looked at everything,” Schuster said. “Anytime we approved any money, it was always by voice vote. We’ve never done any cash. We have a tax ID number …

“We don’t solicit money from people. We are just a breakfast group that gets together.”

The breakfast’s current balance on hand is $560, Schuster said, and its checking account is with First National Bank of South Carolina.

Schuster said that all of the breakfast’s expenditures are voted on by the membership before any money is spent.

“Over the years, the club has given money to charities associated with the American Legion,” Schuster wrote in an email release over the weekend. The club also purchased a public address system, he said.

Surely Arnette wouldn't say the American Legion is unworthy of donations, would he? Perhaps Arnette cooked all this up while watching a re-run of In Living Color?

12 Response to "Arnette's search for "Mo Money" finds just pocket change"

  1. the woodlands texas moye 15/2/08 00:16
    we certainly need berkeley county gop to be strong.
  2. Nancy Corbin 15/2/08 09:29
    Where was Mr Wade Arnette’s outrage over funds protection when his good friend and former BCRP Chair absconded with $??? (we don’t know how much because Mr. Arnette worked feverishly to keep from having an audit). What he always fails to explain about what he called the “unstable, radical” condition of the Berkeley Republican Breakfast is that it is the only place he can not control what is said, and it drives him crazy! If Mr Arnette would run the party by the written State Rules and adopt the local rules resolution that he won’t even allow to be voted on, there would not be any problem in the Berkeley County Republican Party. People are just fed up with his and his cohorts gestapo tactics. They are losing their 30+ year grip on Berkeley County politics, new people are getting involved and will no longer tow the line for them. I urge every Republican in Berkeley County to attend the Berkeley County Republican Executive Committee meetings to see what is going on, judge for themselves and then get involved. We have a presidency at stake and our local party has not met since September. Mr. Arnette was shocked at the low turn out of Republican voters, yet what did the local party do during the primary? They did nothing.
  3. linda riney 15/2/08 12:39
    Come on everybody, let's don't pile on. Wade, Waylon, and Roberta have a lot on their minds here lately. For the past 20 odd years, they have pretty much had things their own way. Until recently, they have managed to keep most of their shady back room, behind the barn door activities from public view. Now, they have to deal with embarrassing questions from the media, EC members who insist they follow the law and the rules, restrictions that forbid the chairman from using the party's bank account as his private slush fund, getting smacked by the Ethics Commission, facing an official investigation by SLED, and, the latest outrage, having 95% of the members of the Breakfast Club rise up and prevent their hostile takeover. I have a few words of advice to all you radicals who believe in free speech, integrity in leadership, and honesty in politics.....Keep the pressure on as you whistle the chorus of "The Battle of New Orleans".
  4. Anonymous 15/2/08 22:44
    I know everyone in Moncks Corner thinks Wade Arnette is a joke and that he is known to lie when necessary. Wayland Moody couldn't win
    an election if his life depended on it.Roberta Combs is a power greedy
    woman,also known to tell a white lie,as I recall,
    now and then,and is a "has been,she
    just can't accept it!
    Most people think she reminds you of a former TV evangelist,the 3 reminds me of Bill and Hillary,greedy and a wee bit evil!-
    So,when will their Kool-Aid drinkers wake up?
    Hope they realize we aren't going away,most of us were here long before they appeared on the scene and will be here after them!
    Katon Dawson needs to "wake up and
    smell the coffee!"Where is his
  5. Rob W. 16/2/08 13:16
    This makes me laugh. A lot.
  6. Anonymous 16/2/08 16:05
    the one they kept catching with porn and hookers?

  7. nancy corbin 16/2/08 16:08
    I'm sorry that Rob W (I hate it when people don't have the courage of their conviction and don't put their name) thinks this is funny. It is never funny to me when some despot tramples on peoples rights and the rule of law. If we "unstable radicals" don't stand up for what is right who will?
  8. Rob W. 16/2/08 23:21
    Nancy- When things get sad and petty enough, they go from inviting anger to inviting derision. A small-time county GOP chairman trying to break up a breakfast club? That's pure comedic gold. Of course it shows a complete lack of character and a desperate attempt to hold onto only an iota of power. Of course the person who did this should have to face the consequences, whether they come from the GOP, the breakfast club, or just angry constituents. Doesn't mean I can't laugh at them as well.

    Perhaps this picture will help get the point across:
  9. Earl Capps 16/2/08 23:29
    Point well taken, and yeah, it is pretty funny, when you think about it.

    Those breakfast clubs ... geez, not like it's the Munich Beer Hall putsch.
  10. Nancy Corbin 17/2/08 10:24
    Sorry Rob W, I guess I am too close to the forest on this one. Oh if it were only the Breakfast Club I could laugh too.
  11. Anonymous 17/2/08 16:40
    Why do people believe that covering up corruption is far preferable to dealing with it?
  12. De'Anna Trout 19/2/08 10:39
    Feb.19 at the Berkeley County Executive committee meeting,the Christian Coalition has a test before
    them.Let's see if our chairman and Roberta and Wayland allow free speech
    and play by the rules.

    Can anyone other than the "sheep" who
    have to always agree with them be allowed to voice their opinions or
    be elected to an office???

    We have several former executive
    committee members who should be
    reinstated,these people have worked
    many long hours for the Republican

    Your Christian beliefs and values
    you profess is on the line tonight!
    Tonight at the Sangaree Library.
    Let's have a good turnout!

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