Berkeley coup attempt fails

This write-up is the promised extended report of what transpired at today's Berkeley Breakfast Club meeting ...

As promised, Wade Arnette showed up at this morning's meeting of the Berkeley Republican Breakfast Club to what was one of the largest turnouts in years.

While he succeed in turning 'em out, what he didn't succeed in doing was ... well ... succeeding at his mission - which was to take over the club. When it was over, Schuster continued to wield the gavel, adjourning the meeting as normal - as shown in the photo.

To help save face and keep the event from turning into a free-for-all, Arnette met with Schuster before the meeting, admitted defeat, and was allowed by group Moderator Charles Schuster to give an update about the Ethics Commission of the party.

When the "brief report" turned into a thirty-minute rambling diatribe, the crowd's response became hostile. In fact, most Gong Show losers don't get booed down half as badly as Arnette did.

If one of the possible reasons for the takeover attempt was to keep speakers from criticizing of County Supervisor Dan Davis, who Arnette has long supported, it failed. The meeting went on as scheduled, with the originally-planned speakers, with the exception of Davis, who did not show. Davis, his policies, and his proposals were repeatedly criticized by several of those attendees.

Council members Tim Callanan and Dennis Fish, scheduled by Schuster before Arnette's demands were issued, informed attendees that Davis' proposed raid of property tax rebate money was dead on arrival in County Council. They also criticized numerous upper-level vacancies among county government, high salaries being given to those hired under Davis, and the high costs associated with implementing the name change of the county Water and Sewer Authority.

One of the vistiors was Tim Scott, the conservative Republican Chairman of Charleston County Council, who pointed out to attendees that unlike Davis' plan, Charleston County Council intended to continue to keep its promise to dedicate 100% of the Local Option Sales Tax to property tax rebates.

Some of you may remember Tim Scott was one of the candidates in the recent race for appointment to state Treasurer, finishing in a tie with our own Earl Capps. Local talk is that he may be looking at waging a challenge to RINO House member Tom "Doc" Dantzler in the GOP primary. Should he run, he can expect an endorsement from the Blogland

We want to thank all of our readers who attended today in support of our constitutional freedoms of speech and assembly.

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  1. Mattheus Mei 3/2/08 08:36
    Wow, it's almost like reading what is a telenovella. I'm glad that good ole' American gumption triumphed over ridiculous absolutism that seems to be the way of this Arnette fellow. I find it odd that we can't find the type of (true) conservatism espoused by the blogland anywhere near the State House, all we find is Arnette style nepotism and rubby rubby ka-ching ka-ching (yes those are Onomatopoeias).
  2. Right Guard 3/2/08 08:46
    Am I the only person that noticed, at the Republican Breakfast, that the two persons who tried to shame us for such a low turn out of Republican voters in the primary were Wade Arnette and Glen Rhodes? Wade Arnette is the Chairman of the Berkeley County Republican Party...........the one person who is responsible for assigning and encouraging members of the BCRP to shake the bushes and get people out to vote. This is the same person who hasn't called a meeting of the BCRP since September. That's right, just months before the January Republican Primary, he obviously sees no need to meet. Glen Rhodes' part in this hypocracy is that he supported and voted for Wade Arnette as BCRP Chairman. And here we thought that the person who took Wade Arnette's place as Coroner of Berkeley County was, unlike Arnette, reasonably intelligent. Well, I guess we were wrong.
  3. Nancy Corbin 3/2/08 09:03
    Wade Arnette showed his incompetence Saturday to all who attended the Republican Breakfast. His rambling mumblings about "my old friend (drop any name) and "I've been doing this for 40 years" were repeated so many times that it was laughable. He said " I don't have to do this", but that is not true. He craves the "power" he perceives he has. His abuse of that power over the years, along with his side kicks, Waylan Moody and Roberta Combs, is common knowledge among Berkeley County Republicans. They are running scared that all of the new people moving into the county will usurp their power. That is why they are fighting so hard to hang on...even to the extent of ignoring the stealing of Party funds. It is time for ethical Republicans to stand up to these tyrants. We will have a County Convention next year. Every precinct in Berkeley County needs to be represented so they can not shanghi the Party again! CURRENT ELECTED OFFICALS AND STATE PARTY LEADERS all need to get involved!
  4. Linda Riney 3/2/08 11:46
    Wade was interviewed by Channel 2 News after the breakfast. I saw the piece on the 6 o'clock news Sat. Did anyone else get the impression that Wade was questioning the propriety of Charlie's handling of the Breakfast Club's bank account? Since the rumor is that Wade tried to drop a dime on Charlie to the Ethics Commission only to be told that Ethics has no authority over the breakfast club, I wonder what will be Wade's next move to promote party unity?
  5. Earl Capps 3/2/08 14:48
    I agree - involvement is good. Please be sure to keep involved here in the Blogland, not just when it comes to giving Wade Arnette a well-deserved kick in the ass.
  6. "De" 5/2/08 10:28
    Let's keep reminding Wade,Roberta,and
    Wayland they are not the only members
    of the Berkeley County Republican Party,although for almost 20 years
    they have thought so! Charlie Schuester will remain the moderator
    of the Republican breakfast!
  7. heading to Florence soon moye 5/2/08 20:40
    keep up the good work earl

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