Berkeley GOP chair a sore loser?

When Berkeley County GOP Chair Wade Arnette was booed out of the Berkeley Republican Breakfast Club on Saturday, his next step was to do more of what he has been known to do: lie.

It seemed as if he lost no time in attempting to sic the State Ethics Commission on the breakfast club:

“I am calling an ethics investigation,” Arnette said. “We are not going to associate ourselves with that breakfast club.”

The call for an investigation came on the heels of a weeklong war of words between Arnette and breakfast moderator Charles Schuster. It also followed the latest GOP breakfast in Goose Creek, which saw Arnette asked to leave the podium as he addressed the gathering.

It would seem that if Wade Arnette can't control the group, he'll simply smash it. We thought games like this only took place in elementary school.

Arnette seems hell-bent on making the crybaby joke apply on a bi-partsian basis. One should not be surprised that he's turned on Schuster and this club, just as he turned on former County Supervisor Jim Rozier, whose campaigns he once managed.

While Arnette's actions have been of grave concern, even more concerning are reports that the "Breakfastgate" situation goes even higher. Over a dozen individuals have approached us and informed us that they believed state GOP chair Katon Dawson has been guiding Arnette's efforts. We certainly invite him to present his side of the story - and hope he does it soon.

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  1. Nancy Corbin 6/2/08 10:07
    Where has our Berkeley County Republican Delegation been for the past 8 months on the debacle that is the Berkeley County Republican Party? It is not as if they have not been informed, because many of us have made sure they were copied on all corresepondence as well as e-mailed. They need to stop sitting on the fence - afraid to stand up for what is right in fear of making the "good ol boys + Roberta" mad. They have the power to set things all they need are the guts to do it.
  2. "De" 6/2/08 16:37
    I have decided after reading today's Independent that Wade and the Berkeley County GOP you have succeeded in making 99%f the citizens in Berkeley County angry with you. Everyone knows the leadership has for
    the last 20 years been controlled by
    "Roberta's Kool Aid drinkers".The party has never learned about, Helen Keller's philosophy,"alone we can do so little,together we can do so much."
    Joe Paterno at Penn State has always stated,"there are no super
    stars on a winning team."

    Wade,Roberta and Wayland should try
    to be the kind and honest person
    Charles Schuester is.Hang in there
    Charlie we will support you!Let's
    hope "that" group will not be at
    the breakfast next month!

    I would sugggest if you want to know how little power Roberta and
    the Christiian Coalition has go to
  3. Anonymous 6/2/08 16:48
    After that jerk had the nerve to repay Charles for letting him speak by lying about him to the news media while at the event, let's hope he doesn't have the nerve to EVER show his face there.

    As to the Coalition - have you noticed their NATIONAL office is now a small closet in North Charleston and a PO box in Washington DC with a forwarded service. Exactly the kind of group I would be soooo afraid of. NOT!

    Yes, I do think Arnette has been getting orders from Dawsn.
  4. moye graham 6/2/08 19:13
    no way
  5. Anonymous 6/2/08 19:32
    During a very recent conversation with Mr. Arnette regarding the attempted takeover of the breakfast "club", he stated "I'm only doing what I'm told"

    So much for leadership!
  6. linda Riney 7/2/08 00:15
    I received an email from the newly appointed parliamentarian for the BCRPEC yesterday. In part he said,"I would like to suggest that you as well as the others who support your cause please stop disrupting *our* meetings." I will send Blogland the complete text as well as my tactful reply to do with as you please. He, also, listed a myriad of functions the chairman will attend. Then it dawned on me why the chairman didn't have time for such mundane things such as organizing the party for the recent primary. He was and is too busy attending functions (not on his own dime), granting news interviews that contain the most outlandish fabrications, and, less we forget, receiving those ever popular plaques. At the Fred Thompson event at the former Dock Restaurant our chairman was overheard saying, "If someone had just told me Fred was coming, I could have organized a much bigger turn out." Now, that's really keeping your eye on the old ball. Makes me proud.
  7. Anonymous 8/2/08 08:24
    Why does some of this sound like a sore loser in the 94 congressional run off?
  8. Earl Capps 8/2/08 08:59
    Are you trying to suggest Wade Arnette is into a phone sex operation? Eeeewwwwww ...
  9. Anonymous 8/2/08 09:01
    nancy, nobody appeared scared of them, even with the full "hate club" there, along with Roberta's daughter, to take notes as to who has been naughty or nice.

    let's hope we're seeing a new trend?

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