Bill Cotty: Legislative reformer

Those of you who've been long-time fans of the Blogland know that among our favorite legislators is Representative Bill Cotty.

No look at Bill's long and distinguished legislative career would be complete without taking the time to recognize the important role he has taken as a reformer, taking on deeply entrenched special interest groups to reform the state's Constitution. We'd like to look back at one of those crucial moments during Cotty's legislative career:

Thanks to Bill Cotty, the evil grip of the mini-bottle monopoly over our state has been broken. Just one of several great accomplishments of Bill's career, for which we are grateful.

2 Response to "Bill Cotty: Legislative reformer"

  1. Anonymous 31/1/08 21:30
    Rock on, Bill! Thanks for your service to South Carolina.
  2. mini bottle moye 1/2/08 09:56
    I like the mini bottle or course I like the free pour at The Palms at Wyboo also. Now that is a mans drink.

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