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As part of our ongoing efforts to provide even more valuable services for our readers, we at the Blogland decided to explore having our own sort of "Dear Abby" love advice column, just in time for Valentine's Day.

After this short trial, we realized it just wasn't gonna work out:

Like about everyone else who blogs in the South Carolina political culture, we're single. Smart, successful women usually look our way, and run like hell. If not right away, then usually within a few weeks. Not that we don't understand why ... twice divorced with a teenage daughter at home does not exactly put one at the top of the most-desirable singles list.

Instead of trying to be Ms. Abby, Dr. Phil, or the lecherous creep next door, we'll stick with what works - political commentary, inflammatory rhetoric, a little theological insight and lots of great rock and roll. Besides, we know y'all love us already.

After all, in the Blogland, our number one job is rocking politics (and the boat) in the Palmetto State.

So, whatever you're doing, wherever you are, be sure to read this posting from Sic Willie at FITS about today.

6 Response to "The Blogland's Love Advice column"

  1. Mike Reino 13/2/08 22:39
    Earl, Pump Up the Volume again?? If this keeps up, Christian Slater's going to need a restraining order against you !
  2. Anon 529 14/2/08 21:19
    Well, I have heard tales that you run away too and don't show up for QR concerts even when sent a ticket. What's up with that?
  3. Earl Capps 14/2/08 21:27
    QR - Quiet Riot? Sorry, I have never gotten any tickets to anything. I'm always the one who buys tickets for everyone else.
  4. Earl Capps 15/2/08 00:01
    (529) ... and the other half of your question ... when it looks like I'm not welcome or wanted, then yeah, I so leave. Call that running away if you will, but it saves them the trouble of formally giving me the boot.

    I learned a long time ago that it's not enough to be a good parent, work hard, and have great taste in music. At least when it comes to me and relationships, it's not.

    When it's obvious I'm getting to be old hat or seen as damaged goods, then it's time for me to stop pestering them. Why stick around and make them miserable or have them think I'm stalking them?

    Low self-esteem issues? Maybe. But I got over believing I'm a bad person. I've come to accept that I'm a good person who tries my best at lots of things, and gets some of them right ... but be it bad luck, bad choices, or whatever - I'm just bad with relationships.

    Maybe it will always be that way. Who knows?

    So there ya go - a little personal disclosure on my blog. Whoever you really are - are you happy now?
  5. Anon 529 16/2/08 00:15
    Please don't post need to know I saw the pack of x-mas/graduation gifts. I even know she mailed and tracked it to you. It had Queesryche tickets for last weekend, some books, and clothes. Figuring you must have a stone heart or something. She talked about you all the time and wehre you were in school. She even reads your blog even though she disagrees with you to the core and some of your stuff makes her furious.

    You are nuts bro. Hell, she doesn't even know some of us are in love with her
  6. Earl Capps 16/2/08 01:31
    to the person who knows who they are - i never got a package. i never get home before 6pm, so i would certainly be curious to know what happened to it.

    as to knowing what someone thinks ... i always thought if it was really important, then one should always take a chance and lay their cards on the table. then again, that approach never got me anywhere in life.

    subterfuge seems to be the game of choice for most people. maybe they're the smart ones.

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