Chicago '68 or Goose Creek '08?

According to the Post and Courier, those Republicans who attend the breakfast in search of life, liberty, freedom of speech and assembly ... as well as grits and eggs, will be met by the cops in a manner more like that of 1968 Chicago than modern-era Goose Creek.

We don't know about you, but we're having a little trouble telling the difference between the two, thanks to Berkeley County Republican Party Chairman Josef Stalin ... whoops ... Wade Arnette, who has threatened to sic law enforcement on Charles Schuster, the long-time moderator of the group:

"I might have to have him arrested, or not, I don't know," Arnette said of Schuster on Thursday. "We might have to have a police officer down there. I am absolutely disgusted by this."

Arnette is THAT intimidated by Schuster? If you've ever met Charles, he's about the last person you'd be afraid of, much less call the cops on.

Then why is there such a need to muzzle dissent with arrests and Soviet-style party purges? Well, according to Arnette:

"The purpose of that breakfast is not to get up there and criticize anyone," Arnette said. "If they want it to stay as a Republican breakfast, then they need to follow the rules of the Republican Party."

We'd be interested in knowing what Mr. Arnette defines as the "rules of the Republican Party"? The last time we checked, people in this country have a right to question and criticize public officials, and nowhere in the Republican platform is freedom of speech prohibited.

It is with some irony that we recall seeing Mr. Arnette criticize a number of current and former public officials while attending past breakfast club meetings, including former GOP County Supervisor Jim Rozier and current GOP Governor Mark Sanford. Perhaps he'd be willing to step aside for such heinous violations of his own rules.

To refresh Mr. Arnette's memory, part of the Republican Creed says:

I will never cower before any master, save my God.

It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid. To think and act for myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations; to face the whole world boldly and say, "I am a free American."

That is, except when you're in Wade Arnette's presence. In that case, stay out of his way or he might have you arrested.

The biggest irony is that the place where Arnette will attempt to force his hand is the local American Legion, a place dedicated to those who sacrificed for our liberties, including the freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

To use Arnette's words, we're "absolutely disgusted by this".

Arnette claims that he's seeking an opinion from the state Republican Party. We are certainly interested in knowing if Mr. Dawson plans to assist Arnette's efforts to force the entire Berkeley County Republican Party under the control of Arnette's Stalinist faction.

Tomorrow, we'll be there for grits and eggs ... and maybe handcuffs and bond hearings. Maybe we'll end up in jail , but if Charles has the guts to stand up to Comrade Arnette, then the least we can do is stand beside him.

15 Response to "Chicago '68 or Goose Creek '08?"

  1. speaker's mafia 1/2/08 03:40
    You got to jail? Forget about it. You support McCain.
  2. Anonymous 1/2/08 09:48
    Crudely threatened, though it has the stench of the hatchet job done on Charlie Stinert a few years ago in Charleston. Perhaps putative familia would care to brag about that also.
  3. do not need to be in jail moye 1/2/08 09:54
    I really do not need to be arrested tomorrow sorry. Jacquelin will kill me we are supposed to be at the Mills House on a weekend get away or I may as well you get the picture. Put a flower in their gun for me.
  4. Nancy Corbin 1/2/08 10:15
    The thought that Mr Arnette would say that we have to follow the rules is outrageous. He did not follow the rules when:
    - Precinct reorganization rules were not followed
    - County Convention rules were not followed
    - Attempts to develope County Party rules were thwarted
    - Theft of party money was covered up and not investigated
    - Illegal meetings were held
    - Tactics are used in violation of Robert's Rules of Order to keep people from speaking out
    And these are just a few.
    Since Mr Arnette believes the Republican Breakfast Club belongs to him I wonder if he reported that checking account (which is in Charles Schuster's name) to the Ethics Commission when he made the financial reports? I guess if you have a business with the word REPUBLICAN in the title it also comes under his control.
    I hope the Republicans in Berkeley County wake up to the problems we have and demand the State Party hold a "legal" reorganization of the BCRP and get this past us!
  5. Mattheus Mei 1/2/08 10:23
    That guy sounds like a nut job, what the hell is exactly going on down in the low country - sounds more like the theocracy that rules g'ville spartanburg than the republican party...
  6. west_rhino 1/2/08 11:00
    Do we have the redux of Mayor Daley's "Beat the Press" and "Mace the Nation" (with apologies to Johnny Carson's writers, though those have lapsed to public domain by now).
  7. Anonymous 1/2/08 11:06
    A chairman with a DUI arrest, a former chairman who has bounced dozens of checks around the county ... yet somehow a little freedom of speech is disgusting to Arnette.

    I guess he's ok with fraud and reckless endangerment of the public. Good Republican values, I see.

    Appealing to Katon Dawson will do no good. He is a coward and a typical politician. He will support Arnette, once more.

    Partners in Crime - until the end of time.
  8. Anonymous 1/2/08 14:50
    reports are that katon dawson is backing wade arnette on this!!!

    someone better tell the republican women, young republicans, lunch and breakfast GOP clubs, and anyone else that katon thinks your county's chairman has the authority to come in and take over your group.

    since katon has helped to cover up embezzlement and financial misdeeds, why not do this too?

    for all we know, katon has covered up for financial misdeeds all over the state by republican party officials.

    for a guy who runs an auto parts store, kickbacks might look rather tempting.
  9. Anonymous 1/2/08 16:13
    One wonders if the press has been tipped off to come and watch teh further disnitegration of Berkeley's heffalump party.
  10. Earl Capps 1/2/08 16:29
    Based upon discussions that myself and Charles have had, we expect a full showing from print media and maybe some television coverage as well.

    If not, I'll have a video camera and will post any highlights on YouTube for all to see.
  11. Anonymous 1/2/08 16:34
    earl, wade's been reading this stuff and he's not very happy about it. he has been telling a lot of people he does not appreciate you calling him a dopesmoker. i think you're gonna be in trouble with him tomorrow.
  12. Anonymous 1/2/08 17:27
    we don't know about the dope stuff, but we DO know he was arrested for DUI in Orangburg County.
  13. Chip Off The Old Block 1/2/08 19:36
    I'm disgusted by anyone who calls themselves a Republican and lacks the morals, common sense, ethics, etc. that I prefer to think we Republicans possess. I'd like to suggest that at tomorrow's meeting folks ban together and decide to have a REPUBLICAN breakfast each weekend at different locations all across Berkeley County....this will keep Wade and his posse busy!
  14. still on the way to meeting street moye 1/2/08 23:42
    you got it going now bubba
  15. Anonymous 5/2/08 09:46
    Who was reading it to Wade, Roberta?

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