Congrats to our newest state judges

What was expected to be a wide-open slugfest for 18 judicial seats turned into 17 uncontested elections and a close one for a Family Court seat.

We'd like to congratulate all of the new judges, especially the three who were endorsed by the Blogland:
There was a close race between Coreen Khoury and Thomas Sprott, for which Sprott prevailed in an 81-73 vote. We congratulate Judge Sprott and hope that Khoury will try again for the next open seat.

It is interesting to note that those judicial candidates whose qualifications were questioned in Blogland postings proceeded to today's voting: Michael DuPre, Anita Floyd, and Linda Lombard. It was never our intent to question the fitness of these candidates to continue their service as attorneys. We simply insisted that our judges meet the highest standards of the legal profession in order to be entrusted with judgeships.

In those races where we were involved, through our endorsements and critiques, we believe the legislators listened to what we were trying to say, understood our concerns, and did the right thing.

Sometimes, even in South Carolina, the good guys do win.

6 Response to "Congrats to our newest state judges"

  1. Anonymous 7/2/08 09:40
    the only thing worse than our liberal judiciary and criminal legal system is those who lick their boots and facilitate their wrongdoings.

    that includes you.

    good luck in your attempts to ingratiate yourself with the system. what a marvelous example of a sell-out.
  2. Mattheus Mei 7/2/08 10:38
    well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I'm not a legislator but I took into consideration your 'blogdorsements' of certain judicial candidates and found them to be sound well reasoned arguments in favour of their judgeships. People who take the time to tag themselves as "anonymous" generally are nothing more than pu$$ies.
  3. Anonymous 7/2/08 10:44
    matthew - if you're not a legislator, please tell us that you at least slept at a holiday inn express last night ... ?
  4. soon to be in boone moye 7/2/08 13:32
    i hope they were good choices
  5. Anonymous 7/2/08 22:26
    I would like to say congratulations to all. Kristi, a job well done. Good luck!
  6. Anonymous 10/2/08 11:03
    I knew Kristi Harrington was a winner
    the first time I heard her speak!
    Kristi is not only an attractive young woman,dedicated mother,fair,
    honest and very intelligent,warm and
    caring!Lucky to have her as a judge!

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