Goose Creek lynching update

The Blogland received reports of efforts by Berkeley County GOP Chair Wade Arnette making numerous calls this morning to recruit support for his attempted putsch of the Berkeley Republican Breakfast Club. Failing to recruit support for his planned hijacking, Arnette reported has spent the afternoon calling various GOP activists, claiming the matter had been resolved.

Based upon a phone conversation with Schuster, Arnette's claims are completely false. There has been no resolution or compromise between Arnette and Schuster and the showdown threatened by Arnette is still expected.

However, it sounds like Arnette may be outnumbered by those supporting Schuster and free speech.

As part of our efforts to identify who is involved in Arnette's efforts, as well as to catalog the deceptive and threatening tactics they have employed, we ask anyone who may have received phone calls from Arnette or others to contact Schuster, Wheeler Tillman (his attorney) or the Blogland and let us know what you've been told and who told you.

If you were planning to attend to protest Arnette's planned lynching in the morning, PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PLANS TO BE THERE.

We'll see you there ...

4 Response to "Goose Creek lynching update"

  1. Nancy Corbin 1/2/08 17:31
    These are the same tactics Mr Arnette has used in the past. When, in accordance with the Rep Party rule 5d5, a number of executive committee members called for a meeting Mr Arnette called his blind followers and told them not to come. Once again the tyrant kept discussion of the unethical funds issues at bay. Lets rid this organization of the people who only want to maintain power, not work toward the upcoming presidential election.
  2. Anonymous 1/2/08 22:22
    I applaud Nancy Corbin for her convictions and the fact that she has used her name in the postings. Stand strong!
  3. on the way to meeting street moye 1/2/08 23:40
    sorry i will miss it but you know what i got to do tomorrow call me later
  4. Paul 2/2/08 01:35
    All I have to say is that anywhere that roberta combs is nearby there is a stinky kettle of a fish. I mean for Gods' sake! She has run the Christian Coalition into the ground...That should say it all. She took the most powerful Christian Conservative organisation from the halls of Washington to a shoebox office next to stokes honda in North Charleston.

    I have only been to this breakfast one time but it is a breakfast with real message of reform and change for a better South Carolina.

    Screw Wayne Arnette...I thought he was dead already!

    Fight on Freedom Fighters, Fight on!

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