It's my birthday

... so don't expect too much from me today. I'll be off trying to get some work done up in Georgetown and Mount Pleasant. Heck, I was working until midnight on the 4th. But cash, free beer, and heavy metal CDs are always welcome.

Instead of rambling, I'm gonna share a rehash of past birthday postings with y'all ... enjoy:

Go see Pedro at South of the Border & Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me, Birthday Drama & Today's important Safety message

7 Response to "It's my birthday"

  1. Beach Beech 5/2/08 01:35
    Drop dead, you beer and drug soaked wierdo. All you do here is tell lies and cause problems where you're not wanted or welcome.

    Don't worry - your birthday present will be coming your way real soon. It's everything you deserve.
  2. Speaker's Mafia 5/2/08 05:39
    Don't sweat the beach beech, Earl. The boys are looking into it. Enjoy your time at the Bing. Happy Birthday.

    The Speaker and John McCain will look for the donation to them from you honoring your birthday. Just remember we can't do cash anymore in this thing of ours.
  3. Anonymous 5/2/08 09:24
    Gee Earl, sounds like you're running against McCain or Hillary.

    Curious tangent, with the proposal to drug test candidates for office, ought we also test the incumbents and appointees (and exes)?
  4. Mike Reino 5/2/08 17:10
    Wasn't it your birthday like two months ago?? Either someting is fishy, or you're about 78 by now !!
  5. Earl Capps 5/2/08 17:28
    Anon, if you were one of those who followed my mock candidacy for Treasurer, I took a drug test and posted the results right here in the Blogland.

    For my human resources work, I use an oral drug test kit that clears a worker, candidate, or anyone else in a matter of five or ten minutes.

    I'd be glad to test anyone who feels the desire to be tested.
  6. Seal 5/2/08 20:02
    Happy Birthday, Earl. Best wishes!!! Moose
  7. not my birthday moye 5/2/08 20:34
    Happy Birthday man. I was hoping you would get down town Saturday night where I could had bought you a beer.

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