January 2008: The month in review

If you're reading this right now, then you too survived the month of January, one of the most unusual months that we've covered here in the Blogland. Congratulations.

During the month of January, several plagues of locusts descended upon our beloved Palmetto State: Presidential candidates, legislators, and judicial candidates. To top it off, we were treated to the Governor's State of the State address on what would become one of the coldest nights in recent memory (... and that was even before legislators heard the speech).

When it was all said and done, John McCain had entered the month on equal standing with Giuliani, Huckabee, Romney and Thompson. When it was over, McCain was the strong front-runner, while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama left the state far more focused upon ripping each other to shreds than on winning in November.

Our Inside Interview series rolled out four interviews with South Carolina "insiders", and several of those interviews made at least one of the top ten rankings for the month. Also, a lot of discussion of the upcoming judicial elections made our charts as well as judicial politics entered the blogosphere.

While there are usually a few non-political postings that make the top tens, this month, every freaking Top Ten posting was political this month.

Can't you people think of something else to talk about?!?

Amazingly, our state somehow survived all of this, along with the usual daily grind that is life here in South Carolina. Now, let's take a look back at some of what turned you on in the Blogland:

The ten postings you read the most:

#1) On Shaky Ground: Anita Floyd's judicial candidacy - 1/14
#2) Day of Mourning announced for House Majority Leader Jim Merrill - 1/15
#3) Inside Interview: Phil Bailey - 1/11
#4) Inside Interview: Wesley Donehue - 1/10
#5) Judicial candidate interviews - 1/8
#6) State of the State address receives frigid response - 1/16
#7) They're back: The Blogland's 2008 legislative preview - 1/7
#8) Inside Interview: Shannon Erickson - 1/4
#9) John McCain draws hundreds in Summerville - 1/13
#10) Inside Interview: Nathan Ballentine - 1/2

The ten postings you discussed the most:

#1) On Shaky Ground: Anita Floyd's judicial candidacy - 1/14
#2) They're back: The Blogland's 2008 legislative preview - 1/7
#3) Inside Interview: Wesley Donehue - 1/10
#4) Justice League of America endorsement rocks state judicial race - 1/19
#5) Certain about uncertainty: The present and future of South Carolina's GOP Presidential primary - 1/20
#6) Research finds no link between voting for Obama and racism - 1/24
#7) John McCain draws hundreds in Summerville - 1/13
#8) Inside Interview: Shannon Erickson - 1/4
#9) Who is Earl Capps? - 1/18
#10) Watchdogs and Junkyard Dogs in Myrtle Beach - 1/23

February will be a busy month with my birthday, Valentine's Day (always a great time to pour on the hate around here), the 2008 National Workforce Board conference in Washington, D.C., as well as my ongoing thesis research. Add the approaching Armageddon of the Presidential primaries, judicial votes, legislative primary races, as well as the usual legislative politics ... and you know it's bound to be a busy month around here.

As always, please stay tuned and we'll do our best not to disappoint.

5 Response to "January 2008: The month in review"

  1. Mike Reino 3/2/08 22:50
    Glad to see I laid low enough to not make the Blogland this month!
  2. Earl Capps 3/2/08 23:05
    Think you got away from us THAT easily? Well, try this one on for size:

    While the Blogland's intrepid staff has been scouring the state, sniffing out malfeasance in county GOP organization in places like Goose Creek and Spartanburg, it has come to our attention that other problems may be festering in out of the way places that usually miss the watchful eye of the Blogland, as well as much of the state's political observers in both traditional and new media outlets.

    This might have something to do with reports of clandestine meetings at Arbys' restaurants and secret dinner table favors. We'll be sure to look into these reports and let you know what we find out.

    Whatcha think?
  3. wish i was in trona california moye 4/2/08 14:08
    good month
  4. Mike Reino 4/2/08 17:41
    Hey man, that's all in the past... It's Like yelling "Chappaquiddick" at Ted Kennedy or 'Whitewater' at the Clintons..

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