Just desserts for the "Mount Pleasant Ten"

It seems as if Charleston area acting Solicitor Scarlett Wilson is taking some flak from well-financed whiner suburbanites for taking a stand on two high school students sentenced to ten years for armed robbery:

Family and friends of two Mount Pleasant teens incarcerated for armed robbery want to change South Carolina's sentencing laws to keep youths who commit serious crimes from being sent to adult prisons.

Supporters of Sean Shevlino and Mike Anthony are mounting petition drives, wearing T-shirts and starting Web sites to draw attention to what they consider an unjust system that sent the two high school students to prison for 10 years.

Some supporters also have set their sights on defeating 9th Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson, who prosecuted the case. Wilson faces a June Republican primary against former Deputy Solicitor Blair Jennings.

Shevlino, 17, and Anthony, 19, were among 10 Wando High students arrested in 2006 in the armed robberies of a Food Lion supermarket and a Subway sandwich shop.

Their attorneys resisted Wilson's offer of 10 years in prison on the crimes, but the teens eventually gave in and pleaded guilty last month after their co- defendants acknowledged guilt and agreed to testify against them.

It took a gang of ten to hold up a Food Lion and Subway?!? Somehow, we don't think that's gonna make them sound too big, bad, and intimidating when the lights go out in their cellblocks at night.

People like this usually demand the inner-city hoodlum who sells their kids drugs or holds them up at the mall be shown no mercy, so why should they expect to be treated any differently? If ten years in prison is good enough for the poor kid who holds up a store on Spruill Avenue in North Charleston (who will usually get more than 10 years), it should certainly apply to someone who does it in Mount Pleasant.

While they're out raising money for their t-shirts and websites to tell us how the rules that apply to the rest of us shouldn't apply to them, maybe they can spare a little change to help Doc Norris, a nearby armed robbery victim who took a shotgun blast to the face. He may not be from their part of town, but he could sure use some help:

A bank account established to help the family pay Norris' mounting medical bills grew to more than $4,000 with donations from across the Lowcountry.

Judy Norris said her husband's health remains fragile, but his overall outlook has improved dramatically since last year, when she and other family members wondered if he would live to see Christmas.

Today, Norris eats through a feeding tube. He subsists on seven vanilla-flavored nutrition shakes a day. The steady diet has restored some of his strength as he pushes through the final rounds of chemotherapy.

If the treatments sideline the cancer, MUSC doctors will consider finishing the facial and dental reconstruction.

- Support, gratitude pour in over shooting victim's story, Post & Courier, 5/21/07

Justice is best left served blindly and equitably ... and sometimes coldly too, so as to give others who think that committing violent crimes against society is mere fun and games a little something to think about.

11 Response to "Just desserts for the "Mount Pleasant Ten""

  1. gulf of mexico moye 11/2/08 22:05
    sure hope mr norris does well. i do not know a lot of what happened in mt pleasant but sounds like a bunch of kids following each other in a bad way. not that it makes it right and they should be punished for sure but maybe ten years could be a bit much i really am not sure but i would had been fair if i was on a jury. i realize it was not a jury trial. one day i will tell you what happened to me by a church group from charlotte at a beach in nc late one night. it was a gang gone bad teenagers do stupid things.
  2. Anonymous 11/2/08 23:49
    The sentence has nothing to do with being fair. It is the law.
  3. Joshua Gross 12/2/08 08:45
    Right on the mark, Earl. What's good for the North Charleston Goose is good for the Mount Pleasant Gander.
  4. Anonymous 12/2/08 11:09
    Recalling the instance of an "Innocent" son of a Chuck town area judge that died as the driver in a one car DUI, where a zealous daddy saw to the prosecution of even the liquor store owner, never mind the deliberate actions of his own son, to first, get soused and then secondly get on the road.

    Parental responsibility and training of their kids apparent here leaves one pondering generational curses mentioned in the Bible.

    Sentences being fair, how about obstruction of justice charges for the son of a Charleston City Councilwoman that killed an innocent College of Charleston counselor while probably DUI, then going to ground while he dried out... also incidentally hiring a defense lawyer whose wife worked for the 9th circuit solicitor's office, forcing the case to be handled outside the district by Mr. Giese in Richalnd County.

    I can understand the howls of North Charleston Goose for equal justice, the Mt Pleasant Gander has to bite the bullet, else the law is toothless and justice isn't.

    Perhaps the Mt Pleasant FB players convicted could have scholarship chances at Florida State.

    Earl, feel free to edit this post if it has gone off into venting.
  5. Anonymous 12/2/08 14:52
    Is ten years fair? Well that all depends how you look at. If you compare that to seeing a sex offender that pleads guilty and has multiple victims only get probation then no it is not fair, but does ten years fit that crime...Absolutely. Seventeen and nineteen aren't really "children" anymore. If they want to commit crimes like adults then they should be punished like adults. Solicitor Scarlett Wilson fought for a fair sentence and I give her two thumbs up for that and hope that she continues to fight for such fair sentences for the length that she is in that position.
  6. Anonymous 13/2/08 00:25
    Why is this about North Charleston vs. Mt. Pleasant? Has no one considered what the clerks must have felt? A gun was pulled. THAT has nothing to do with geography. The sentence imposed is consistent with the law. WHERE were the people that FELT prior to the armed robbery? What was fair to the clerk when a gun was pulled? Are you the same people that complain when North Charleston ranks so high in violent crimes??
  7. Paul Kersey 13/2/08 00:38
    It's a shame "Smoking Hot Wonder Woman" Harrington didn't get this case. She'd have gotten those shits maximum sentences without mercy.

    With her on the bench, we're gonna need to call Charlie Condon and see about finding that Elecric Sofa.

    In my book, that's a good thing.

    When robbers and rapists can't get out of prison, and killers and drug dealers can't climb out of their graves, us law-abiding types will be a lot safer at night.
  8. west_rhino 13/2/08 11:05
    anon 1452, repeat sex offender, guilty pleas or convictions ought to be riding the three strikes law to lock up...
  9. Anonymous 13/2/08 14:03
    Ultimately when someone is convicted or pleads guilty to a crime, unless a sentence has already been arranged between the defense attorney and the prosecutor, the prosecutor has no say so as to the sentence that is imposed when that decision is left up to the judge. There are weak judges out there that impose the slightest sentence possible and somehow validate in their own head the reasoning for that sentence. To them, I don't know how they sleep at night; I put them in the same category as heartless defense attorneys that don't play by the rules. The decisions that are made by a few of the judges out there are contributing greatly to the break down of the criminal justice system. As far as wonder woman is concerned, she is certainly fair and I have all the confidence in the world that if the decision is left up to her, the proper, fair and just sentences will be utilized. I've never seen anyone with high ethics than she upholds.
  10. Anonymous 24/2/08 05:41
    There is no "well financed" anything. Where did you get this information? I assure you it's innacurate and misleading. There is no money involved at all. The family has NO money. There are volunteers and simply a movement to support juvenile justice with a petition and letters to legislators. everything is volnteered because there is no money. 90% of the community and the country support treating juveniles as juveniles. Please stop writing inacurate statements, do your homework and learn the facts. A 16 year should be tried under juvenile guidlines and be permitted to stand before a judge (Goose Creak, Mt Pleasant, or Columbia) for proper sentencing. These kids did not get this opportunity. It was the Solicitors choice to charge them as adults or juveniles. She decided they were adults. This movement is simply thoughtful caring people trying to make things right - Get behind justice for juveniles because it's sensible. Life is too short to be full of hate.
  11. Earl Capps 24/2/08 05:45

    They can afford lawyers, counselors, boarding schools, t-shirts, and websites.

    When a 17 year-old from North Charleston does what they did, his family can't even afford a lawyer.

    I'll bet until it was your own, you were probably just fine with that, weren't you?

    It's not about any hate on my end. It's about arrogance at your end about how you're so much better, smarter, and more deserving than the rest of us.

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