My co-worker a Good Samaritan

Some of you may have read this story about one of my company's employees:

Someone -- or in this case something -- was watching over the Good Samaritan whose act of kindness almost landed him in jail Monday.

Around 8:15 a.m., Stanley Davis of Camden noticed a wallet containing $600 in cash inside the north Hilton Head Island Shell Station, 165 William Hilton Parkway.

At first he thought it belonged to his supervisor at the town's Horseshoe Road construction project next door, so he took the wallet and set off to track down his boss. When it became clear the wallet didn't belong to him, Davis returned to the store and gave the wallet to the gas station clerk. Davis then left to go back to work.

Meanwhile, the wallet's owner had returned to the store to claim it. The clerk told him she didn't have it ...

Thank goodness for the fast-forward button.

The tape showed Davis returning the wallet to the clerk about five minutes after he'd initially left with it. It showed the clerk looking at the cash inside before stowing the wallet beneath the counter, the report stated.

There's more to the story, so go check it out. Not only does he almost get framed for stealing the wallet, the owner didn't even thank him.

We also have to thank Daniel Brownstein of the Island Packet for writing this story and recognizing a good deed that almost went unnoticed.

3 Response to "My co-worker a Good Samaritan"

  1. Anonymous 21/2/08 09:58
    That's a really great employee. Just wish the owner had shown a little appreciation. Probably some dammyankee tourist.
  2. Anonymous 21/2/08 12:39
    sounds like a good guy you've got working for you. give him a raise.
  3. bush intercontinental airport houston moye 21/2/08 17:41
    they dont do it like that up north

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