NAWB Report: Gingrich calls for “fundamental change” on workforce development policies

While attending the NAWB, the Blogland was lucky to sit in this morning’s keynote session, which featured Newt Gingrich.

His opening comments to attendees challenged them to come up with new approaches:

We need to have a radically different conversation … because all the politicians are talking about change. We are trapped into a series of structures that are not working, and we keep trying to find ways to make them work. What we need to be asking is what needs to be done, and ask ourselves how we get it done.

In responding to a question from an attendee, Gingrich laid out several recommendations that he believed should be the centerpiece of efforts to a skilled workforce:
1) National dialogue “what does it take to have a successful economy?”
2) Comprehensive plan for economy and energy. Has to have tax reform to reward savings and investment, aggressive attitude towards trade agreements “I would appoint a lawyer”
3) Workforce training program which is very adaptive, flexible, and competitive.

Responding to question on workforce development policy from an attendee, the former House Speaker advocated a continual separation between workforce development efforts and more traditional educational institutions, warning against trying to achieve innovative policies in existing bureaucratic organizations.

Gingrich warned of growing economic threats from China and India. To confront this challenge, he believed: “we have to talk about fundamental change. I’m going to be an advocate for fundamental change, and hope you go back to talk about making fundamental changes in your community. If we do this, nobody will catch us in the 21st century”.

He criticized current education bureaucracy as “engines of disengagement” which were failing to meet the challenges of preparing the future workforce, challenging attendees to be creative in developing effective solutions that would address workforce needs.

Now to workshops and award luncheons. Stay tuned for more news from the NAWB conference this evening.

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  1. NYC Moye 25/2/08 20:18
    Sounds like you are pretty busy my man.

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