Parole Alert: Brian Nelson

We at the Blogland are asking our readers to take a few minutes help us keep a convicted double cop killer behind bars and honor the memories of two fallen Lowcountry law enforcement officers.

On November 19, 2002, Patrolman William Bell of the Summerville Police Department and Deputy Gene Wright of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office stopped to assist a stranded motorist on U.S. 17A, in Summerville, South Carolina.

While changing the motorists tire, both officer and deputy were struck by a passing vehicle.

The driver, Brian Nelson, was not supposed to be driving, as he had a medical condition which prohibited him from legally operating a vehicle and a suspended driver’s license. Both William and Gene died at the scene from trauma.

Nelson had to be detained at the scene by good Samaritans who came upon the horrible scene until the arrival of the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office.

Nelson was charged and convicted of two counts of reckless homicide, but will be eligible for parole on February 27, 2008. Six years for the lives of these two officers is not enough time served, and that Mr. Nelson, by the virtue of his willful and reckless disregard of the threat he presents to the public, needs to remain behind bars.

How can you help? By visiting on the web and signing a petition to keep him behind bars.

When signing the online petition, be sure to enter this information -
Offender Name: Brian L. Nelson
and SC Inmate #: 00292367

This literally takes only a few minutes to do, and we ask all our readers to take a few minutes to sign, and share this with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Special thanks to Blogland reader Linda Riney for providing us this story lead.

7 Response to "Parole Alert: Brian Nelson"

  1. Linda Riney 13/2/08 20:00
    Considering this man's obvious reckless disregard for human life, it is unfortunate that he didn't encounter a like soul and wreck with a drunk driver instead of killing two innocent public servants. I think he needs to serve much more time so he can truly consider the gravity of his actions.
  2. texas moye 13/2/08 22:00
    this guy must have had some serious mental problems. remember when this happened what a terrible thing. my best friend had his daughter and another girl killed by a drunk driver. she was leaving a wedding after coming home from clemson for the weekend at goat island. the drunk driver had a list you would not believe. earlier that night he ran his car in a ditch and his daddy and brother got him out and after all that he drove away. about two miles from that incident he hit the two young ladies after he ran a stop sign. a perfect t bone. the kids never knew what hit them. his lawyer talked everyone into a plea as the parents were scared of a jury trial in clarendon county with the lawyer he had. the guy got ten years for two deaths and was eligible for parole pretty quick. it took a lot of hard work to keep him locked up. his lawyer you know well earl so we will keep it to ourselves. i was with my friend when it happened about a mile away. was ten years enough. he left a young child at home with his elderly parents. no there is no justice.
  3. Rob W. 16/2/08 13:31
    Do you have any other information on this? As described, six years seems appropriate. Nelson did not mean to hit the officers, and he wasn't drunk when he did hit them. Calling him a "convicted cop-killer", while technically true, is misleading, especially since the act wasn't directed towards the police and there's no reason he would target police in the future.

    I have no idea what sort of medical condition he had, or why it resulted in him not having a drivers license, or how he was supposed to live his life without being able to drive anywhere. It just seems that for a horrible lapse in judgment, when he was reckless but had no intention of hurting anyone, the punishment fits the crime.

    Please let me know if there's other information I'm missing- google hasn't found anything other than this site and the sc cops website.
  4. Chele S. 15/3/09 18:09
    Here is the information you need... Brian Nelson willfully drove his truck that night after having FOUR PREVIOUS ACCIDENTS !!! He doesnt have a license because the state does not allow him to due to being epileptic. He chose to drive his truck that night, he drove completely off the road and ran over and killed both Gene and William. HE THEN GOT OUT OF HIS TRUCK AND LOOKED AT WHAT HE DID AND THEN HE GOT BACK IN HIS TRUCK AND STARTED IT TO LEAVE!!!!!!! He was physically able to do this, he drove off the road because he was able to, nothing about his medical condition contributed to this accident. If you would like to google more about this try googling the officer's name. Deputy Marion Eugene "Gene" Wright II and Officer William Boland Bell.
    Just so you know, I do know what I am talking about and this is fact. I was in the courtroom on the day Brian NElson plead guilty!!. I lost the love of my life because of Brian Nelson. HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE OUT IN THE PUBLIC AGAIN, HOWEVER BECAUSE HIS CRIME IS CONSIDERED NON-VIOLENT IN THE STATE OF SC HE ONLY HAS 10 YEARS PER CHARGE, TO BE SERVED CONCURRENTLY!! THIS MAN DESERVES TO STAY IN JAIL UNTIL HIS TERM IS FULLY SERVED.

    Thank you,
  5. Chele S. 9/4/09 16:42

    Chele S.
  6. Earl Capps 9/4/09 21:33
    I was glad to have helped - and so excited when I see his parole was denied!
  7. Anonymous 21/11/09 00:23
    Thank you for posting this; Ptl. Bell is my dad. Community support means the world to us and allows us to keep him in prison, where he belongs, one year at a time. Unfortunately, the time will be approaching all too soon for us to block the parole again.

    By the way, I know "of" you through the McGees...and your reputation at the college, of course; I'm a candidate in the Master's of Communication program and received my BA from the college, as well--worked for Deb in the speaking lab. Small world, I just happend to stumble upon this tonight. (And yesterday was their EOW--End of Watch).

    Thanks again, Earl.


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