Phil Shoopman runs for the Senate

We were rather surprised to see that recently-elected State Senator Lewis Vaughn decided to take a pass on seeking a full term in the Senate seat he had taken after the death of Verne Smith, who had spent decades in the seat.

I'm sure nobody else was expecting Smith's successor to move along so quickly.

In any event, Phil Shoopman, who won the House seat Vaughn had vacated in the Greer area, has decided to run for the Senate seat that Vaughn is now giving up.

Confused yet? Let's stop, step back, and recap exactly what the heck is going on here.

1) Two years ago, Vaughn decides to retire from the state House,
2) Shoopman runs for, and wins, the House seat formerly held by Vaughn,
3) State Senator Verne Smith dies,
4) Vaughn reconsiders retirement and runs for the remainder of Smith's Senate term,
5) Vaughn decides less than two years in the Senate is enough and that retirement ain't so bad,
6) Shoopman runs for the Senate seat, now held by Vaughn.

For those in the foothllls who are used to changing Senators every few decades or so, this chain of events has to be a little out of the ordinary. But Shoopman's a pretty good guy, and a Blogland reader to boot, so of course we're gonna wish him the best of luck.

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  1. jfk blvd houston moye 21/2/08 17:43
    lets all hope it works out

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