RSVP: Earl's Graduation Party & Roast

Plans are in the works for a graduation party to celebrate the end of my graduate school studies - and you, our readers, fans, friends ... and even enemies ... are invited to attend.

Even if your name is Rick Beltram or Anita Floyd, you're still welcome to join the festivities.

For those of you who have watched me dish it out here in the Blogland ... or even been the subject of some of the dishing ... part of this event will include a roast where you'll be able to throw some of it back at me.

The date of the event will be Saturday, May 10 - but the time is yet to be decided, based upon the amount of interest we have in either an afternoon or an evening event.

If you'd like to attend,
please drop an email to us to confirm your interest. Be sure to indicate whether you can attend an afternoon event, evening event, or both.

8 Response to "RSVP: Earl's Graduation Party & Roast"

  1. Diuretic Dispenser 28/2/08 16:15
    I am not technically RSVPing your roast,and party. However,if Willis Jeep comes calling complete with a Mark 3, 40mm potato launcher, then, guess who has arrived.

    Count me in and congrats. You worked hard and uphill. Now, enjoy the the fruits of you labor.
  2. Mike Reino 28/2/08 16:59
    Day, night , early , late, here or 5000 miles away - I'm there.
  3. Anonymous 29/2/08 00:02
    I'll fly in on my invisible jet!
  4. Anonymous 29/2/08 00:03
    Wouldn't miss this for the world! I'll fly in on my invisible jet.
  5. Anonymous 29/2/08 11:06
    If I have to dig my way out of the Giants endzone, I'll be there.

    J. Hoffa
  6. Anonymous 29/2/08 11:27
    get plastered you basterd
  7. Anonymous 29/2/08 11:50
    is this a BYOC (bring your own crack) event?
  8. west 42nd street nyc moye 1/3/08 19:02
    i certainly will try to make it

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